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Ladies have been dumping this friend of mine because of his TOOTH PICK size. Kindly don’t laugh!

George Odongp




KDRTV-If you are a man who has never been dumped due to bedtime strength, you might be misled to think it doesn’t happen.

Trust me, when it comes to relationships, size matters. Don’t let people tell you otherwise because you’ll have been duped.

I had a friend George who used to tell me how he was getting laid every single day. Like literally. For me, the story was too good to be true because I knew he was a shy dude. I compare him to myself. Besides my good looks, I’m strangely intimidated by super cute ladies out there.

One evening when we were driving around Westlands, he opened up to me about his latest catch. It was a top politician’s daughter. She must have been high maintenance from the sorry look on his face.

“Man, I can’t even afford to pay her dinner. She always says it’s fine, she’ll take care of the bill,” he quipped.

I told him that it didn’t matter, as long as all was good. He didn’t have to break a bank to impress a “princess”. After a few arguments here and there, trying to convince him on the matter, he dropped yet another bombshell.

“Most of the girls I try to date drop me because of my manhood”, he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Are you dating girls and feeling like a boy?” I continued.

“You’re man enough! Stop saying such things to yourself” I advised him further.

“I don’t know what to do bro!” he replied. “I’m dealing with a small one. I wish I was a little bit larger. Even an inch would be great!”

Immediately, I understood his predicament, I felt sorry for him. He has a tooth pick size.

“I don’t want to let this one go. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted,” he revealed.

It seemed all gross to have this kind of conversation with a dude. However, since he was a close friend, I decided to help.

Recalling a meeting I had with an amazing schoolmate from primary a couple months back, there was a male enhancement formula which once had my attention. It was a similar case – small penis and lost hope in relationships.

Somehow, this was sorted out when I contacted Mugwenu Doctors. The result was a healthy relationship and marriage to his longtime crush.

“This doctor is so resourceful. He doesn’t jump right into the treatment; he first does psychological evaluation tests to get to the root of the problem,” he persuaded me.

So when I told George about it, he didn’t hesitate. He visited the Mugwenu Doctors’ website, got their contact and dialed them. The next week, he booked an appointment with the Doctor himself.

After what seemed to have been a miracle, he took his new girlfriend out and later made love to her. To confirm if worked, I cheekily asked Amina how good my best friend is.

“Damn, I’ve never had good sex like this in my life. Damn, I am obsessed. In fact, I was at his place last evening. I just woke up this morning and I feel like going to his place already,” she laughed over the phone.

I knew I had helped my right hand man sort out his worst fear, with the help of powerful Mugwenu Doctors.

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KDRTV Has no liability to the claims made by Mugwenu Herbalists


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