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“Let me rest on your laps so that we can swim deep). My wife said that to a man as a mild sweat covered my shaking body!

George Odongp



Hapy lap

My name is Alex from Njoro. I want to share with you a very sad story about my wife with whom I have two grown up secondary school children.

We have had a very beautiful life with her all along with no cheating signs at all. On my side, I am a principled person who cannot cheat in marriage. I respect marriage like a bible. To prove my seriousness, we even tied the note with my dear wife before we had any child.

Last July, I came home from Nairobi where I work. It was at round 8.30 PM when I arrived at my Njoro home, went straight to my house where I found my two children eating their supper but their mother was not around. I asked one of them where was the mother before she told me she just rushed outside for a minute. I knew she had gone for a short call.

I went to keep the bag in my bedroom and said let me check my two dairy cows behind our house. I went and checked them then moved to our granary which is always filled with maize and beans. When I was just about to push the granary door open, I saw something strange happen. It was shaking rhythmically. I asked myself what was happening. Before I gained courage and moved closer. And before I opened, I heard a female voice say, “Wacha nikukalie wewe ukuwe chini ndio iingie yote (Let me rest on your laps so that it can swim deep). A mild sweat covered my shaking body! I decided to wait from outside in a hidden corner when after 15 minutes, the man walked away in a vest. He was panting like a dog. He had worked on my wife properly. I saw him well he was my neighbor next door, my wife then disembarked from the granary and walked straight back to the house where I followed stealthily.

When I went to greet her, she appeared confused and guilty but I just asked her where she has been for afew past minutes before she responded saying she was on a call of nature. I kept quiet and few moments later, she picked a basin, filled it with water and rushed to bathroom when I knew she was going to keep herself clean.

Next morning, I went to the randy neighbour to greet him steering clear of that topic. I just wanted to see how he would react, “How is my wife fairing on here is there anything wrong she is doing you can let me know,” he answered “No no no, she is such a good neighbor,” We chatted for ten minutes then bid him bye bye.

I then started thinking what next I could do to teach these idiots a lesson. The name Mugwenu propped in my mind. Mugwenu is a renowned traditional witchdoctor who has been helping families catch out cheating spouses.

Mugwenu doctors (traditional witchcraft originally from Tanzania) can make cheaters get stuck. They moved to Vihiga because that is where there business flourishes – they can also operate in other places if called upon.

So next morning I went to see him and he narrated to me how he can work to get errant spouses in the act.

“Before I give out that kamuti, the complainant must convince me that they are legally married to the cheating partner. I do not do mpango wa kando or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships because my kamti only works on married couples who are unfaithful, Once a complainant visits, he or she writes their full names and that of the cheating partner on a paper which is folded and placed inside the kamti. The moment I snap it shut, the hunt is on, and moment the unfaithful partner has sex with his or her Mpango, they get stuck,” he said to me.

I told him I have that problem before he asked me if she was my real wife or a Mpango wa kando since he doesn’t delve in girlfriend/boyfriend matters. Strictly married couples.

He then gave me a kamti which I went with and spread around all my houses and stores so that any day they repeated this nonesense they will learn lifetime lesson. I went back to Nairobi and waited.

It did not take another three days when my phone rung and on picking, neighbors were talking saying that, “your wife and Martin are stuck in the granary. Kuja kuja haraka iwezekanavyo uone wamegwama,”

At that point I knew Mugwenu had done his job. I told Mugwenu the story before he asked me to peg a price. I told my neghbours to tell the fool to part with sh 200K before I can untie them. His family organized and sent me the cash on MPESA. I still have the transaction with me. Mugwenu then unlocked them.

Mugwenu uses two types of kamti, one to ‘lock’ and the other to ‘unlock’. The partner who is being cheated on pays her 48000 to make the unfaithful couple get stuck. Once stuck, it’s the cheater who pays to make Mugwenu ‘unlock’ them.

The most recent case where a cheating husband got stuck happened in Tanners Estate in Mbale.

A 56-year-old man was found stuck with his sister-in-law at a lodge. The man’s wife Margaret sought Mugwenu’s witchcraft to bust her philandering husband.

“I live in Mbale town with my husband, we have been married for 22 years and have five children together. He has been unfaithful for the longest time I know. Last week we sold a parcel of land to buy a car we would use in business. Instead of going to Mombasa to buy the car, he took my younger sister to Nakuru to engage in sexual activities with her. I am the one paying for my sister’s education,” Margaret Nabwire was quoted by a popular news site.

“This woman (Nabwire) came to me complaining that her husband was unfaithful. I told her to write her husband’s name on a piece of paper after which I used kamuti to lock him and his lover up. As evident, the kamuti has worked. I lock up philandering couple for Kes 48,000. The cost of separating a stuck couple is incurred by the victims,” Mugwenu said.

You can contact this wonderful spell casters at or call +254740637248 and they will respond to your case as soon as possible.

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