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Man catches a cheating woman on top of a man after placing love charms on her.

George Odongp




There was a standstill moment in Chwele town Bungoma County during the weekend after a man was found stuck with a neighbour’s wife in a lodging.


According to how it was reported, the man who had just returned from the city for his Christmas Holiday’s, lured the young mother of three to a nearby bar where they drunk before heading to a room.


The disturbing video showing the moment the man busted his cheating wife having steamy sex with another man then went viral on social media.


Apparently, the husband had suspected the wife of cheating on him and placed charms on her so that she could get stuck when having sex with her secret lover.


In the video, the lady is seen crying while naked on top of her lover after they got stuck immediately they started having bedtime.


The agited husband can be heard confronting them and reminding the wife how he had warned her before.


According to the husband, he used a witchdoctor by the man Mugwenu who gave him some love charms to put on his wife.


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Cases of cheating couples allegedly getting stuck during sex after being bewitched are common.


“For the unlucky man who finds himself in this position, trying to pull out is akin to an attempt to free your hand from a crocodile’s mouth!” the witchdoctor who had made that possible said.


He had to come himself to separate the two. Mugwenu was called at the scene where the two had to first compensate the husband with sh 450,000 before he could accept to separate them. The husband became rich and immediately married another woman.


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