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Man who slept with boss’ wife brags on social media what actually transpired. You can’t believe his confession.

George Odongp



black conman

Some stories can be hard to believe but it is a reality that sometimes men can put in more efforts until they get what they want. And this is a case for Julius who made this public through Facebook.

He posted his story on social media. It was funny how he finally managed to sleep with his female boss after he had used Mugwenu Doctors’ love spell. Here is his story:


I am Julius from Luanda near Maseno and I am finally a happy man. I am a driver in Kisumu with a meager pay of sh 15,000 per month. My boss is called Jackline (not her real name) who has been rude and unkind to me for as long as I’ve known her. I had thought of quitting work three times but something told me to keep my job until I get an alternative.


Sometimes, I move around with my boss, and for sure, she treats me very well whenever we are not in the office. We talk and share a lot. She even opens up about her personal life.


One day while I was driving her for lunch, she seemed lonely despite having a husband. I kept on guessing what would be wrong that day, when she finally told me: “Julius ni siku tano sasa mzee wangu hawezi songa karibu na mimi. Na akisonga hata hafanyi kitu chochote,. Lakini navumilia tu.” 

I immediately replied,”Usijali ya Mungu ni mengi itakuwa sawa boss” But inside. I knew this was a soft landing;.she wanted a man to satisfy her thirst. And on Friday last week, Jackline instructed me to pick up a bag she had left in the office. I boarded a boda boda to her home to drop it off. Upon arrival, I found that she was taking tea. She brought me a cup and we shared the drink. After some time, she asked me whether I would like to eat maize, I said yes. She then requested that I accompany her to the maize plantation so that we can identify the best maize to pluck.


The maize plantation was bushy and Jackline would occasional pull up her dress to prevent it from getting dirty. My eyes could not resist her brown red thighs. At some point she almost fell down and I was quick to help her. But as I extended my hand to lift her up, she pulled me down and found myself on top of her. My friend this story happened since I have photos we took naked with her. She was completely carried away that time. Mugwenu Doctors’ spells really work. Just visit or call them on +254740637248 and let all your problems be solved.


“Oh my God! Julius wewe tu leo lazima unitulize na usiambie mtu. Hold me tight please, hold na unitoe suruari,” she pleaded as she breathed heavily in pleasure. I quickly pulled her dress up, removed her underwear and in a split of a second we fell into Satan’s temptations.


I advise anyone with any love problem to also visit Mugwenu Doctors. Just like a medical doctor, Dr Mugwenu does a diagnosis on his clients by asking a few questions for self-introspection. Visit Dr Mugwenu at and your problems shall be solved.  You must not worry about distance since the witchdoctor can work online. Do not be limited by location. You can get the help you need wherever you are through distance healing. Mugwenu Doctors says one of their greatest attributes is distance healing: For consultation call: +254 740 637 248.

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