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Moments ‘CHEATING’ wife is caught in the back of a car seat with another man. It occurred last Holiday on 31st.

George Odongp



in the car

It was one of the terrible moments after footage of a “cheating” wife was caught “romping with another man” in the back of her car and later shared online.

The clip, reportedly filmed outside a Nairobi Hotel begins with the woman and her “lover” getting out of the car, where they had allegedly been having hot sex.

The cameraman, said to be the woman’s husband, walks away back to his own car as she runs after him protesting her innocence.

Unmoved, he accuses her of having sex with the man who can be seen getting in his own car and leaving as she insists: “No I’m not f***ing him!”

The man then follows her back to her car, filming inside the back where the seats have been folded down flat.

He asks his partner: “So you were f***ing him in the back seat?”

But she continues to deny doing anything wrong as she struggles to buckle up the seat belt.

The man then threatens to show the footage of the argument to her mother to expose that she’s been “f***ing other guys”.

The clip in question was shared on social media, where commenters poured in to share their emotions.

One person wrote: “I hate to say this but I think their marriage may be a little dysfunctional.”

Janet said: “Omfg when she lifted her car seat up while denying it.”

And a third one by the name George posted: “She’s yelling because it’s true.”

Earlier last December, a similar scene occurred where photos showing a cheating married woman getting cozy with a Dj before stripping naked and finally having sex in the Dj box caused storm on social media.

It was during one of the major end year’s concerts when the two went overboard and started to kiss in full glare of disco lights before getting carried away and finally having sex.

However, it turned uglier when the two remained stuck in the Dj booth while having sex bringing the party to a sudden stand still.

Police were called to ferry the two when it later emerged that the lady who had opened legs for the Dj was married and that husband had used black magic to bust her.

That the husband had told the media how he had to engage Mugwenu Traditional Doctors to finally nab his ever cheating wife.

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