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My dad is a wife poacher

George Odongp




My name is James and I was married to my wife Cindy where we had one child together. Three weeks ago, we went to the village by my father’s friend to attend a fundraiser in which I had been invited as one the chief guests. I was so happy to help since everyone in my village was always proud of my success and they always invited me whenever they needed my help.

I took my wife with me so that she could help with the cooking in the event. We arrived at around 11am and we first went to my father’s house to say hi to him. He had been living alone for almost five years since the passing away of my mother. As soon as I arrived, the organizers of the event called me and told me to rush to the fund raiser so that we could start the event.

I left my wife in my father’s house and she told me she would come to the event soon after. The harambee started and looking around, I could not spot my father or wife in the crowd. I tried calling her but she did not answer her phone. I decided to go and check on them.

On reaching at my father’s house which was not far from the venue of the event, I heard sexual moans at the door. I got confused at first but on listening closer, I indeed heard clearly; my father and wife having sex in the house. I started sweating profusely as they had sex and my father even told my wife that he was better than me in bed.

“I know my son can give you this kind of sweet sex. Open your legs wider,” my father told her. I started shaking in anger and I saw my brother coming towards the house and I rushed to him and told him about my father’s sexual affair with my wife. He told me not to worry but to teach them a lesson through Doctor Mugwenu’s spell casting powers. We called the doctor on 0740637248 and we ordered the sticking spell.

The doctor was pretty quick and in a matter of minutes, my wife and father started screaming in pain saying they were stuck. “Someone help me! I am stuck inside my son’s wife,” my father screamed.

My brother and I walked in on them and they were so scared to see us. They were stuck at their genitals. They were both in great pain and also startled to see us. Thereafter, Doctor Mugwenu reversed the spell and unstuck them. My wife begged me to forgive her and said it was my father who had seduced her. I was glad to teach my father a lesson because several men in the village had raised complains of him seducing their wives.

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