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My Farm hand worker invaded my bedroom and completely wrecked my home

George Odongp



so sad

Last Friday, I was feeling so sick while in the office and I could not concentrate at all. I took the day off and went to a health facility and afterwards, I went home. I wanted to go take some rest so that the next day, I could make it to work. I was also happy since I knew my wife was at home and I could get time to stay with her.

I went and I arrived an hour later. I had not informed my wife since my efforts to reach her while I was at the hospital were in vain since she did not answer her phone. While at the gate, I could tell my house was locked from the inside which was quite odd because I had expected her to be in the garden supervising our farm workers who were planting some crops that day.

While at the door, I knocked and she was not coming to open the door. I thought she was taking a nap until I heard her making some weird sex noise and that is when I realized she was having sex with one of the farm workers whom I had employed to take care of our shamba.

“Your manhood is so huge and sweet than my husband,” I heard her saying while she was moaning while having sex with our farm worker. I was so furious that I wanted to break down the door and kill them both. Until I remembered a better idea on how to teach them an unforgettable lesson.

My best friend had told me of how he had caught his wife in the act after using Doctor Mugwenu’s spells. I called the doctor and ordered for a similar spell which would glue my wife to the farm worker and leave them in grueling pain.

Doctor Mugwenu quickly cast the spell after I called him and, in that moment, I heard my wife and the worker screaming that they were stuck in each other. Their screams attracted the attention of our neighbours and they all came to spectate them while they were locked in their privates.

My wife was so embarrassed and also in pain; she told me she would never repeat such a grievous mistake again. Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them a few hours later and they were both given some mob justice for their irritating behavior.

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