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George Odongp




My fiance and I had been dating for 6 years and during the begining of our 7th year he finally proposed and decided to put a ring on it. The two of us really loved to hang out in clubs and since my sister was always hyped and all fun in clubs, we brought her alongside everytime we went out as our third wheel.


And so she became so fond of my fiance that incase the two of us were in any kind of argument, she would quickly intervene just so the two of us could mend all our issues and get back together. She would continously worship the way the two of us adored and loved each other.


However one day my fiance told me, “don’t you think we are moving too fast I mean we should take things slow a little bit anyway am not even sure if I am ready to settle for marriage yet”. I was so surprised by how he just came out from nowhere and said that to me.


I did not want to argue with him I approached my sistet with what he had said earlier to me and she in turn told me, ” Manu is actually right, hes been telling me that he wished he had a woman like me and that wewe umeshinda umemjamia, you have a bad temper kitu kidogo tu temper ndo hiyo”. After that she said nothing further.


That was when I realized my fiance was attracted to my sister I knew I had to act fast after my mother also told me that he had called earlier to ask for her approval to date my sister. I then decided to ask a friend of mine for assistance and she immediately told me to go and see Doctor Mugwenu.


The following day, I went to his workshop and explained everything to him, he then took out some herb and instructed me to put it under the pillow and ensure my fiance sleeps on it. He also added that I was not to change the sheets I had on my bed after he slept on them for two days.


I went back home and did as I was instructed, I invited him at my house to talk and even though he did not want to spend the night, I managed to convince him. Two days later after his sleepover, he quickly rushed to making wedding plans once more, he confessed of how much he adored and loves me. The powerful spell caster’s remedy had worked. He is unrivalled herbalist with unique formulation and secret ingredients that makes all his clients feel fresh and rejuvinated.


Doctor Mugwenu does his spell casting in a unique way to help all his clients. His powers are incredible because he not only help one get rich, he solves divorces, wining court cases, enhances businesses, protects a family’s property such as lands.

He heals diseases such as typhoid, hypertension, epilepsy, gonorrhoea, syphyllis,diabetes among many others.

He genuinely handles general problems like breaking voodoo spells, curses etc.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

Do not hesitate to call him through:


Email:[email protected]






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