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My husband abandoned me after surgery

George Odongp



terribly wrong

Most married women think that their husband can only be satisfied with a properly cooked meal and clean clothes and socks forgetting that what most of them actually wants is excitement and passion. My husband and I were happily married for 20 years however things began to change after I gave birth to my lastborn son and had a bisectomy and so the doctor recommended that I was not to engage in sex for 2 months.


Two weeks later my husband started bailing from us he wasn’t around that much and made excuses that he was working on a project for work and had meeting with clients till late nights. Whenever her was home, his phone was always ringing with various kinds of women and when I asked him he would say that those were his clients looking for him. And I decided to not ask any more questions.


Sundays in our area are usually market days, and so we decided one Sunday to go and look for mitumba clothes for our new born and other two children. As we were choosing clothes, a woman walked up to my husband and said to him, ” why did you not call me after our last meeting, was I some kind of booty call to you?” I was so devasted and since I never wanted to cause any sin we both left the market and headed home.


When we reached the house I asked who the woman was and the very many others who had been blowing up his phone at wee hours but he instead replied, “I know that this is wrong but baby you know am a sexual man and I couldn’t wait for 2months and so I have been having sex witu these women. But you should not worry because at the end of the day my love story is with you”. He then told me to excuse him and that he needed to work.


This really bothered me for a very long time, I even became depressed and cried everyday while he was asleep. I did not want to drown in my sadness and so I called my sister and informed my sister. My sarcastic sister being who she was said to me, “My dear sister, sex is the only way a woman gains power over a man and sometimes an old dog usually needs his old tricks. So you need to go and see Doctor Mugwenu to help you out so that he stops sleeping with other women. At tht point I did not want to listen to any other words, I told her to give me the Doctor’s contact information which she did and I immediately called him to set up an appointment.


The following day I went to his workshop and addressed my issue to him. Doctor Mugwenu then gave me freeh leaves and instructed me to deep the leaves im my bathing water and use it to clean around the area I was operated on for three days. After that I went back home and did as I was instructed.


After three days I was now able to have sex with my husband once again. Truly Doctor Mugwenu’s herb had worked and I experienced no complications when we became intimate. My husband once again ft like he was wanted and he had no reasons of getting satisfied by other women and so he stopped and became loyal to me ever since.


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