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My husband cheated on me with my niece

George Odongp



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My name is Sylvia and my husband left me for my niece whom I had taken in since she had completed her secondary school education and was awaiting to join college.

At first, my husband did not want her to come live with us but days later I managed to convince him since my niece, Salome, was in the village and I wanted her to come look for a job here in Nairobi.

She came and was so grateful to me for giving her the chance to come to my home. I worked as a hotel manager, a job which is quite taxing and I would leave the house at 6 am and back at 8 am. On the other hand, my husband worked an 8-5 job and I would therefore leave him at home with Salome.

I did not ever imagine that anything romantic would spur between the two and I did not have any worries. One day though, on a Saturday, and the only day I was free, my husband’s phone was beside him and his boss called him but he was dead asleep to hear it ringing.

I took the phone to see the latest pictures my hubby had taken and alas! I was met by a naked picture of my niece in his phone, I began sweating profusely and could not believe my eyes. I wanted to send it to my phone so that I could have tangible evidence but my husband turned to my direction and I immediately put down his phone.

During that Saturday, we all spent the day at home and I observed the two and there was clearly something going on. I held back my tears the whole day and pretended to be okay.

On Sunday, I could not concentrate performing my tasks at work and one of my colleagues came to talk to me and asked me what was going on and I told her about the picture.

“Sylvia, you need to save your marriage, that niece of yours will steal your husband. I can introduce you to Doctor Mugwenu who will help restore your marriage,” my colleague said.

I thought I could solve my marriage problems on my own and I therefore told her that I did not need help. I went home that evening earlier than usual to try and see if I could catch the two into something. I went and my fears were confirmed when before I opened the door, I overheard moans of pleasure and when I tried peeping through the window, I saw Salome on top of my husband, enjoying making love to my husband. I was so broken. I could not believe the girl I had brought to my house out of mercy was stabbing me in the back.

I went back to my car and started crying. I called my colleague and asked her for the contact of Doctor Mugwenu and she immediately sent it. I called him through +254 740637248 and he immediately told me he could perform a spell to glue the two cheaters together. After a few minutes, I heard a loud scream coming from my house and I ran to the house only to find the two stuck together, wailing in pain.

I was so happy that he had helped me on such a short notice and the two cheaters saw me and started begging for mercy. Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck them and my husband knelt to me and begged for forgiveness. We threw our niece out and we are now a happy couple.

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