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My husband has decided to stay in an hotel a real cheater

George Odongp



my cheating man

My name is Mukami and three weeks ago, my husband started behaving weirdly towards me especially in matters sex. He did not want to touch me and he being a hypersexual man, I knew he was definitely getting some in another woman.

At first, I thought I was overreacting until my husband started receiving odd calls in the middle of the night and since he would think that I was dead asleep, he would talk dirty stuff to the woman in the phone and that was when I knew my suspicions were actually valid.

I started asking around on how I would find him red-handed with the woman he was cheating with. I asked some women on Facebook and they gave me Doctor Mugwenu’s number whom they said did not disappoint in teaching cheating spouses a lesson.

I called him and ordered for sticking spell which would lock my husband to the woman he was enjoying the forbidden fruit with. He asked me to meet him the next day. I did so and he cast the spell which he said would make my husband and the woman he was having sex with pay dearly for betraying me.

The next evening, I was given a call by a manager of a certain hotel and he told me that my husband had gotten stuck to another woman when they were both having sex. I rushed to the hotel and I could not believe it as my best friend, who was even my maid of honour in our wedding, was the one shamelessly sleeping with my husband.

I was so furious but at the same time, the two of them were in so much pain and they were also humiliated since everyone in the hotel had come to watch them. I called Doctor Mugwenu a few hours later and asked him to unstuck the duo.

I beat up my best friend for sleeping with my husband and my hubby also begged for forgiveness and I decided to forgive him.

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