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sad really sad
sad really sad

We had been officially engaged through a wedding ceremony that had taken place a year ago. We were really amateurs in love issues for that was actually the time that we had to start a family. We lived in Mombasa and I worked as a civil servant at a government institution while my husband was hotel manager at a renowned hotel in the same city Mombasa. At first, he was really an honest and loyal partner to me. As time went by and since he was working in the hotel a different caliber of tourists came through, things started to change.

He used to take some photos with an old granny whom he said came from Italy. When I asked him this really gave me some goosebumps, he said that she was a loyal customer of their hotel she was only doing some marketing. I did not bother so much but I remained patient and trusted him a lot. We lived for another month and this time round I had to raise a voice for my husband had really changed completely. He rarely ate meals in our house. He compulsively denied my conjugal rights which at some point I was in the process of going to report since it was in the constitution it was a law for the married couples to satisfy each other’s conjugal rights at any given time. When I demanded sex he said he was too tired and he procrastinated for a while each moment I asked for it.

I realized with time that the two were in a relationship. I had to look for a solution at least to protect my territory at a glance before things went wrong. I met Kimani my workmate who introduced me to herbalists called Mugwenu doctors. I made a visit to their offices and I addressed my concern. The herbalists promised me that my husband was to leave the woman for good and life would move on as usual as it was before. I did not believe this at first. I went back home full of hope. That night my husband came as usual. Before we took our meal, he admitted he was in a love affair with the Italian granny and they had sex several times which was unprotected. I advised him to go to a nearby hospital for a medical checkup. I knew Mugwenu doctors’ magic was really working because he had admitted everything. I forgave him and he went for a medical checkup where he was found with syphilis which was at complex stages hence difficult to cure. This was another problem. I had to contact Mugwenu doctors and asked if they could treat this disease. They told me to come with my husband who was really sorry to their offices for treatment. He was assessed and later taken care of. After staying like 40 minutes in the Mugwenu doctors’ offices, they said that they had fully eliminated the disease from my husband completely and if we wanted to confirm they advised us to visit a health facility for a checkup.

The next morning when we had come from Mugwenu doctors, we went to the nearby medical facility to confirm and it was true that Mugwenu doctors fully eliminated the disease. From the incident, my husband has never again been into a cheating scandal. I really applaud Mugwenu doctors for their assistance. They treat various diseases such as high blood pressure, leukemia, and more others just to mention a few. They also solve various life challenges like barrenness, low libido, and provide you with sweetening tips that will make your spouse stick to you despite the situation at any given time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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