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My husband married another woman after relocating to Mombasa

George Odongp



Sad woman

KDRTV-My name is Veronica. I was married to my husband of 15 years where we had two lovely kids. Our marriage was not exactly a walk in the park but each time a challenge came through we always emerged out of it even stronger. That is why I loved him so much.

Six months ago, my husband who is also a high school teacher got a transfer to go teach in Mombasa from a secondary school in Nyeri, our home town. It was so depressing at first on how we were to live without the head of the family as we were used to.

My hubby however assured me that nothing would change about our marriage and that he would always keep contact and support us financially like he always did. His assurance somehow calmed my heart and I was confident that he would not abandon his family.

So, off he went to Mombasa to continue with his profession and left me with our two daughters who were both teenagers. In the first month after he left, things were okay. He would call, keep in touch, speak to the children and even send cash for upkeep.

However, getting to the second month, the communication started dwindling and he stopped sending money. Whenever I would call him, he would say he was tired or busy and he would not call back.

I knew things were bad when I called him and a woman picked up. I asked her who she was and she told me she was my husband’s new wife and I should stop bothering him.

“He is now my husband and you should therefore leave him alone and let him be. Look for your own husband in Nyeri,” the woman said.

I was so shocked on hearing that. My husband had already forgotten about us and moved in with another woman who now purported to be his wife. I disconnected the call and absorbed the shock hoping it was a bad dream that I was about to wake up from.

My kids by this time had started questioning why they were not getting the chance to speak to their father. I cried a lot that night remembering how my husband had promised he was not going to abandon us. I was really hurt.

In my stress, I decided to call my older sister and told her of my plight. I narrated to her the whole ordeal and she was left flabbergasted. She then told me of Doctor Mugwenu who was a traditional herbalist who would perform a binding spell to bind my husband to me in such a way he would not want another woman but me.

I thought that was a good and timely suggestion and I  therefore called Doctor Mugwenu on where I told him of how my husband had left me for another woman after relocating to another region.

He asked me to meet him the next day which I did. On meeting him, he performed several binding spells after which he assured me my husband would only want me and no other woman.

True to his words, in exactly 24 hours after he cast the spell. My dear hubby called me and begged for forgiveness. He said he was stupid to chose another woman when he had me. I was so happy on hearing him apologise. As we speak, he is seeking a transfer so that he can come closer home since he keeps saying he cannot do without me.

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