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mother from hell

Maryanne and her husband Noel had been happily married for 20 years. Even though the two lived apart because of their hustle, they still made time to ser each other during the holidays as a family. However Noel was lying to his wife almost half of their lifetime.


One day, Noel called Maryanne while she was at work and said to her, “Hunny, can you imagine my manager is accusing me of stealing a sum of Ksh. 50,000. Hes even threatened to suck me if I do not produce the money in two days”.


Noel was the one in charge of all the cash coming in and out of their work and so Maryanne never doubted him one bit. For her it was normal for the management to blame the one incharge of the organization’s finances. So she decided to come to her husband’s aid.


She usually saved up half of her salary for any emergency that was to occur in future. So that day she took a day off and went to the bank withdrew the sum of money Noel wanted and sent him through the Mpesa.

“After I sent him the money, he never even bothered to call to say thanks which was weird so I decided to call his phone, my calls and texts were not going through . So I went to facebook to inbox him but to my surprise, I couldn’t find him on faceboom too. Noel committed social media suicide”,said Maryanne.


The whole time, Maryanne was left wondering if the husband was a fraud. She then decided to do some investigations of her own. So she called Noel’s colleague to ask if he was going to work because she had not heard from him for three days. The colleague however told her that Noel was laid off 5 months ago because he had stolen a huge amount from the company.


“Just when you think you know someone they turn out to be the devil you do not expect. I knew I couldn’t rely on the police to find him so I asked a few friends to help me find a powerful traditional doctor that would help me find him” said Maryanne. A good friend of hers then referred her to Doctor Mugwenu she even went ahead and booked an appointment for her.


Maryanne then went to Doctor Mugwenu’s workshop and explained everything him. The poweful Doctor then took out an enchanted water and sprinkled it on her uttering and demanding that Noel returns her money. After that she then went back home.


Two days later, Noel showed up at her house. He seemed so tensed and was looking around him if anyone was there watching him. He then said to Maryanne, “I am so sorry for lying to you I made a big mistake of exhorting money from you. For the last two days someone has been whipping me in my sleep and in the bathroom demanding me to return your money.” Noel then handed Maryanne the 50,000 sum of money then left running thatwas the last time she ever saw him.

Doctor Mugwenu’s spell casting nevet disappoints any of his clients. I advise anyone who has ever been scammed,robbed or mugged to see him immediately for there is no problem he his spell casting cannot solve.


Doctor Mugwenu does his spell casting in a unique way to help all his clients. His powers are incredible because he not only help one get rich, he solves divorces, wining court cases, enhances businesses, protects a family’s property such as lands.

He heals diseases such as typhoid, hypertension, epilepsy, gonorrhoea, syphyllis,diabetes among many others.

He genuinely handles general problems like breaking voodoo spells, curses etc.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

Do not hesitate to call him through:


Email:[email protected]






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