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KDRTV News-My name is Glora and 10year ago I got married to a man named Steve .Our 10 years of marriage was filled with happness and for a moment, I  told myself that God was so good to me because he brought a good man into my life.We both had stable jobs but for me working on weekends was an option but for him, he insisted that working on weekends was compulsory.

However, months later I  begun to hear unpleasant rumours coming from our neighbours about him having a secret family elsewhere. As usual, I chose to turn a deaf ear to all the gossips going around and decided to trust my husband.

One day as we were having drinks with a few of my friends, each of them kept ranting about how their husbands were spending so much time with them as well as their children.I  felt so ashamed to admit to them on the number of times he’s been home with me and my two kids.

One of my best friend in the group noticed my hesitation to speak about my husband and pulled me aside and said to me ‘’My dearest friend if your husband is not spending so much time with you and the kids especially on weekends, just know there is definately another woman keepng him busy’’.

My friend’s statement really got to me and so I decided to find out for myself. On Saturday, as usual he woke up early and dressed up for work, took his breakfast and set off. I decided to follow him and after 2miles of driving he parked his car infront of a red door.

I waited for him to get in and then knocked on the door, my husband rushed to open the door he could not believe his eyes.He stood there and was speechless for a moment when he saw me standing right infront of him. A lady shouted from inside the house saying,

‘’Babe who is at the door?’’ and he answered ‘’Huyu ni yule mama wa  kufua nguo anauliza if you have any dirty clothes you needed to be washed.Let me try and talk to her to see if she would agree to washing the dirty duvet’’.

He then grabbed me to the side of the door and ordered me to go home and forget that he was my husband.My whole body was shaking after he said those harsh words to me.I went back home in tears asking God what I did to deserve such punishment.

On my way back home, I begun to google how to get back with your husband and Doctor Mugwenu’s named popped up first. I went through his website and saw that he had helped people with my kind of problems.So I  called him to book an appointment to see him the next day.

The following morning, we met and he casted both love and attraction spell which would help my husband come back to me.He assured me that by the next morning ,Steve would show up at my doorstep.

Truly, Steve showed up with all his belongings from the other woman’s place asking for my forgiveness.I forgave him and agreed to pick our marriage from where we had left. We are now living happily once again, he left the other woman and vowed never to see or associate with her.

Doctor Mugwenu just like other doctors asks his clients a few easy questions as a diagnosis to determine the root cause to their problems, he also helps solves challenges in financial and physical aspects.

He generally handles  problems such as wining court cases, hardship in businesses, protecton of family’s property. His abilty to foretell ones future is 100% accurate.He genuinly solves every problem presented to him by his clients.

For consultations contact:


Email:[email protected]




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