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KDRTV News-My husband and I had been happily married until the month of October 2018 after the death of his younger brother Clinton is when it started to fail.Clinton perished and died in a road accident on his way to Narobi to work.Clinton had left behind a wife and three small children with no one to support them because the wife was a stay at home mother.

Three weeks after the burial, my husband was called bac to shags by the mother and his uncles to talk him into considering his late brother’s wife as his second wife.My husband refused and walked out of the meeting warning his uncles that that should be the last time they mention such a matter and that if they try  to bring up such a thing he would never set foot in shags again. The mother however did not stop his persuasion.

My husband began to change in February 2019 he started acting so weird.He even made so many excuses for not coming home.I was left with all the responsibilities to our five children. He even at one point he stopped paying my eldest son’s fee.

I was now forced to become both a father and mother to my five children.For several weeks, I had no idea where he would spend his nights and mornings and if I  called to ask, all he would say was that hes been working a lot lately.

Then one day Awuor his elder sister called me to ask me saying “ Did you at one point agree to mum’s suggestion Peter aoe bibi ya Clinton ,I have seen him countless times at her place ?”. I was very surprised and sad on hearing this how could he have done this to me.

The next time he called checking up on us as usual I tried to ask him but all he did was end my call saying he was not in any mood to argue with me.I could not stand this and so I decided to see for myself to try and confront the two.But instead they all ganged up on me and threatened to beat me down if I did not leave their house.

I did not know how to explain this to my kids especially my lastborn daughter who was so fond of his dad.This went on for a while and suddenly he stopped paying the workers who were building our matrimonal home back in shags was when I had enough of everything.

So I decided to protect what is mine by paying a visit to Doctor Mugwenu whom I read   about how he helped people with the same problem on his website.After explaing to him what my problem was,he told me that my husband was bewitched into settling with his deceased brother’s wife.

He then gave me a herb that looked like a branch of a tree wrapped with a white clothe and instructed me to place it at my doorstep.My husband was required to pass over the herb unknowingly.He specifically said not to remove the drug if Peter did not pass over it.

And so I went back home and did as instructed and even though I knew he was not going to show up any time soon I decided to tricked him into coming home.When he heard that his favourite daughter was sick which was a white lie,he quickly came home and my plan worked.The moment he passed over the herb  his bewitched spell faded instantly.

His mother on the other hand fell sick the moment my husband became normal again.All the bad things she did to me and my family had come to torment and haunt her in form of sickness.

My husband ensured he broke it all off with Clinton’s wife and made it clear to his uncles and mother that he had one family which was me and five children.

Doctor Mugwenu has the power to retore and bring peace to marriages.

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