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My husbands crave with nudes from Ex

George Odongp




My name is Aziza and I have been married to a man named Leon for almost three years. At one time my phone was broken and so I was forced to be offline for quite sometime. My husband Leon however suggested one day that we both share his phone and so I placed my safaricom line on his phone.


For about three weeks we shared the same phone one Sunday evening, Leon left me with his phone and went to the sitting room to watch his football game, and so I said to myself this was the perfect time to look for anything that shows that he was cheating on me, I then looked through his whatsapp chats and found he kept in touch witu his ex-lover Kerry, their conversation was mostly sexual and Kerry was sending him nudes. Everything I saw really broke my spirit that day.


I couldn’t stomach what I had seen and so I decided to go to the sitting room and confront him. The moment I confronted him, Leon got so pissed that I invaded his privacy by looking through his chats he then answered me, ” That is just chatting its nothing serious, plus I was bored and I hadly see you naked these days so I figured Kerry could serve me when am bored. Anyway my health and financial status cannot allow me to have other women so chill”. He then told me to give back his phone and went back to watching his football match.


I was so surprised that he wasn’t even sorry, and the way he spoke to me meant that he was not going to stop asking nudes from Kerry. For days I couldn’t sleep, my mind kept thinking of every sexual conversation I had seen and kept wondering how he would do that to me what was he thinking. I decided to call a friend of mine who had earlier on went to Doctor Mugwenu who helped her with her marriage problem. She provided me with all his information and I called him to set up an appointment.


The following morning I went to his workshop and explained everything to him. He then instructed me to take off my shoes and sit with my legs crossed. He took out some leaves burnt them, chanted some few words and then made the smoke of the burnt leaves directed it towards my face. After the ritual I went back home.


Three days later Leon confessed to me that he had stopped asking for nudes from Kerry. He then showed me Kerry’s recent naked photo that she had sent him her whole body was covered with black sore spots which was so disgusting. This made my husband promise to never ask for nudes from any other woman if he needed one he swored to ask only me and no other person. This was all thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.


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