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KDRTV News-For couples lucky enough to wed in an alter, the statement ‘for better for worse in sickness and in health till death do us part’ is usually said to ensure that each partner is truly committed to marrying each other no matter the situation .

Well for my case, the statement meant nothing after what I experienced. My husband and I got married in the presence of a congregatation and uttered the words for better for worse while exchanging our vows.However, two years after our marriage we tried a couple of times to have children but all our efforts were in vain.Any time I became pregnant I had a miscarriage.

The two of us got so worried so we went to seek a specialised doctor’s opinion on the matter.He carried out some tests on the two of us and when the results finally came, my husband was okay me on the other hand, I had some kind of growth which could not with hold a feotus.The doctor then told me to ensure that I make  exercise my everyday routine.

My efforts of exercising everyday was all in vain because after several months I still wasn’t able to bear a child.That was when my husband’s family started making harsh statement about my inability to bear children.Their hatred towards me grew instantly.

Whenever I went to visit them on December holidays, they would call me all sorts of names like a witch,rotten womb,at one time my mother in law told my husband that he was married to a fellow man.These devastating statements were said to me if I made a slight mistake especially in the kitchen.

My husband on the other hand, said nothing about his family’s hostility towards me.He even at one time told the mother that he needed a second wife to bear him children.All the name calling and my husband’s ignorance to what was happening finally became unbearable for me.

I decided to seek a friends help on my matter and she immediately directed me to Doctor Mugwenu.When I went to his worshop, he gave me a bitter herb that  I was to drink to help in getting rid of the growth inside my womb for three consecutive days.

One week later I felt so weird I woke up feeling dizzy with an headache. When  I went to the hospital, the doctor confirmed that I was two weeks pregnant and this time he told me a completely different news that he did not see any growth in my womb. I was so happy that I shared the good news to my husband who got so excited and shared equally with family.

The name calling stopped and suddenly  became their favourite daughter in law.Doctor Mugwenu has the ability to help an impotent person bear children, solves divorces,  he helps in wining court cases, enhances businesses,  protects a famly’s property.He heals diseases such as gonorrhoea, typhoid, hypertension among others.

He also genuinly handles all general problems like breaking curses, voodoo spells among others.Do not hesitate to call for consultation through the following;


Email;[email protected]




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