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happy marriage
happy marriage

I was married and happy and lived with my husband Bram in Umoja Estate Nairobi County. Marriage life was good up to a specific time that my husband started behaving in a way that I much suspected. He had a top job as a manager at a marketing company in the city. I was a bank teller still in the same city. Money was not a problem that I would say my husband lacked which led to his abnormal behavior. Before he came home early enough and we really shared the warmth of each other. Our children really enjoyed his company back at home each time he was from work. As time went by, he started coming home late and each time I cautioned he would say that he had been caught up with work. One thing I knew about myself was that I was not that romantic and my husband had complained about this several times.

My parents had instilled fear in me about how men behave. My husband had tried much to be romantic but I was really a barricade since I did not compliment him. Each time he wanted us to have a romantic moment, I would shun away him and I always brought some excuses. For this reason, he came home late by taking much time outside. He said that they were no need for him coming so early just to find a gloomy and non-romantic creature. I tried to style up but it was a behavior that was really difficult to shun. We rarely walked together holding each other’s hands, waists, or even go for a photo session as other couples did. He had warned me of my behavior but really this fell on deaf ears since it was really difficult to change at a glance.  As always a healthy relationship must always have romantic couples and I was the reason for my husband coming home late each day.

I sought intervention from my friends and other close people who would help me curb this behavior but none provided me with a solution. Everyone said I was the one who really was not romantic since I had a good chance to have a good husband Bram. At times I remember when it was time to have our conjugal rights, I would just tell Bram the ball was on his court and when he was through, he would inform me so that I could dress and enjoy the rest of my sleep. He started going out with other women and when I cautioned this, he said he was looking after romance since I was just an armature. My friend Jane told me she once had the same problem but Dr. Mugwenu solved it for a lifetime. The next day I visited Dr.Mugwenu offices and I was attended to with due effect. I was given love candles. When I went home I lighted the candles and placed them as decoration in the house. This time around I felt as if I was filled with romantic hymns in my heart. My husband now began saying I had really transformed. He rarely complained like before I visited Dr. Mugwenu. I had different sex styles which she really enjoyed. Since that day we lived happily with no wrangles my relationship with him was alive again courtesy of Dr Mugwenu.

Dr.Mugwenu treats various sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis among others. He also solves life challenges like stagnating businesses, witchcraft, and also cast away black magic rings just within three days. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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