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My sister almost stole my husband forever

George Odongp



Kenyan women

My husband and I got married in the year 2016.Being the eldest in a family of five with a well-paying job, I  decided to chip in and help out in our family finances and so I was charged with a responsibility to pay for our third born, Marion her degree studies.

This made us grow much more closer and at most times, she spent her long holidays living with me.Marion started growing closer to my husband, this did not bother me at first because I thought It was a normal behavior.

Months later they became much more closer ,I became cautious when my brother informed me of Marion’s consistence in spending so much time with my husband. Apparently they even did this behind my back.The two would leave the house separately but arrange to meet up in the club.I found out this from my husband’s friends who were wondering if I was the wife or my sister.

When I confronted her she admitted to going out with him which for her was not a bad thing claiming they were only hanging out as all families would do.The saddest thing was that I tried to inform my mother but she told me to be patient with her and that  I should stop worrying since nothing has happened between them yet.

At one time in the house while having dinner ,Marion unexpectedly told me that my husband had jokingly told her that he was thinking of making her a second wife and that he would constantly tell her how he was attracted to her.That was when I knew I could not rely on my family to shun Marion’s behavior I had to immediately find a solution to this  before things between them went any further. But of course a typical doctor could not help me out.

And so  I decided to pay Doctor Mugwenu a visit to save me from the shame and abomination that they were likely to put me through. On  reaching doctor Mugwenu’s workshop, I  explaned to him that  I specifically needed the two to  stop growing so much closer to each other.

He gave me a leaf like drug  that I was to put under our bed to help in strengthening our relationship. The herb was to stay under the bed for two days for it to work. When I went back home, I did as instructed.

Two days later, the drug truly worked. The hanging out and partying immediately stopped as well as their day to day conversation. He even told Marion to be spending the holidays back at our parent’s place.The only time we see my sister is if they come and visit us as a family and goes back to our parent’s place.Thanks to Doctor Mugwenu for ensuring peace,love and care is restored in my home.

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