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My sister In-law is crazy with me

George Odongp




ust like every other good man on this world,Jerry messed up he had been dating Stella for two years, and the two bore amazing children and decided to live together. For so long, Stella and her sister Melvin weren’t too close while they were growing up because they both had different fathers and so they spent time apart.


They grew closer after Stella moved in with Jerry. Melvin would constantly go over to Stella’s and attend to her children while she was at work. Jerry worked at night and so during the day he would stay at home to rest. However, as Stella was working,Jerry and Melvin were busy getting cousy with each other.


One evening Stella and the children were having their dinner, the eldest son said to her, “Mummy niliona daddy akishikana na aunty”. Stella was disturbed by her son’s statement. She tried to get more information from the kid but sadly he said nothing further.


When Jerry came back from work that morning, Stella asked him about what the son mentioned earlier and he replied angrily, “I am not stupid to sleep with your sister,whoever is giving you such ideas is not on their right mind so please I do not ever want to have this conversation with you again and plus am tired I need to rest”.


For someone who had nothing to say about the allegations was guilty and Stella knew without any proof, there was no way she would overreact on the matter. She then decided to share the story with one of her trusted friend who immediately advised her to seek help from Doctor Mugwenu. She took his contact information and called him immediately to set up an appointment.


The following morning she took the day off and went to see Doctor Mugwenu. On reaching, she explained everything to him and specifically told him that she wanted to catch the two on the act. Doctor Mugwenu then asked for the picture of the two and did some rituals on them. Stella then went back home.


The next day she called her sister to watch over her children as she head to work as usual. She left the husband home resting and at about 2:00pm, Stella was phoned by one of the neighbors telling her that it was an emergency. She rushed home and what she saw was shocking.


The sister and the husband’s mouth were stuck together. The two had merely begun to romance like they usually do but this time round,they could not. The neighbor begged Stella to free them which she did and the husband immediately confessed,

” I am so sorry I have been sleeping with your sister,she has been throwing herself to me and I couldn’t resist because you haven’t been giving me any attention,I only want you and not your sister please forgive me I won’t ever try to do anything stupid ever again to break our family bond just take me back please”.


After that heartfelt confession, Stella decided to forgive him. They both decided to start all over again. They paid daycare for their two children. The husband has ever since been faithful and loyal to her they are now living happily.

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