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My step-mum seduced my wealthy husband with short dresses and threatned to throw me out of my marriage

George Odongp



Felt sad courtesy

My name is Risper and I have come to realise that in this world you cannot quite trust anyone. Not even your closest members of your family. Let me tell you why:

My mother passed on when I was a little girl and my father remarried a woman who did not actually like me a few years later. She was opposed to my growth and development and I could see she had a particular hate towards me.

But I was lucky when I left home and got myself a good husband who was able to take care of all my needs. Two years into marriage, my step mum started coming to my house and pretending to be good to me. She told me she wanted us to be friends so that she can help me keep my husband with her marital wisdom.

I believed her lies at first because I thought she genuinely wanted to be in peaceful terms with me. She would come to my home twice a week and even help me cook for my husband. I was happy that we were making up with her.

However, a month after she started coming over to my house, I realized she was seducing my husband. I came home one evening and found her cooking for my husband in an extremely short dress and her cleavage was showing.

I tried asking her to cover up but she told me she did not find a problem with the way she was dressed. Mind you, my step mum was a bit young as my Dad married her when she was 16 years old. That day after I found her with a skimpy dress, she said she was after my rich husband.

“You thought I came here to make peace with you, you must be very stupid. I came here to get your husband and his money,” she said.

I heard my heart drop that day as she opened her evil mouth and said she wanted my husband. My husband had lots of wealth, cars and also a good character and these were the things she was after.

In the days that followed I would find her sitting close to my husband and giggling silly stories to my man. I tried chasing her out and she said I would be the one to leave and not her.

My husband started responding to her advances by bringing her gifts every evening and that is when I knew my marriage was on its deathbed. I called some of my friends whom I narrated the problem to them and one of them gave me a real-time solution to the problem.

“Just go to Doctor Mugwenu and your step mother will learn a lesson. One of my friends said.

She told me Doctor Mugwenu was a traditional herbalist who would use spells that would  literally chase my mother out. I gave him a call immediately and he indeed confirmed he could help me solve the mess in my marriage.

I met him in the day that followed and he cast spells that would make my husband hate my step mum and chase her out of our home and also performed another binding spell that would make my hubby love me more than any other man.

The next morning, my husband woke up and found my step mum in the sitting room again trying to seduce him but this time, he shouted at her and asked her to leave our house since she was disrespecting me. I felt peace restored in me. He later came and told me he did not want to see her ever again. Till date, my hubby adores me and the life of step mum is in chaos since even my father dumped her.

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