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I lived with my wife Stacy where we had married each other while she was still a university student who was pursuing a diploma. Despite this, our love between me and her could not be stopped as we decided to be a couple. I did not hold any academic paper for I had not reached the level she was. I remember I was a form, four leavers. As time went by as we were officially husband and wife, she said that she was ready to go and pursue a degree for she had really gotten a good score in the diploma course.

I did not hesitate as I really loved her hence I provided her with a school fee and she was really ready for the degree. She used to come only on weekends as she had rent a house very far from home since the university was miles away from our house. Balancing her student life and being someone’s wife was really a difficult task. I felt she had neglected me for she was far much educated compared to my form four level. This aspect really affected me. As time went by, she could come home at weekends and she could command me to perform certain tasks like cooking as she watched the television, cleaning the house, and so on. I really felt intimidated like a man for things were not going the usual way.

At times she did not come home something that really made me look for a viable solution to find the right way. I visited a certain renowned herbalist called Dr. Mugwenu who at first I had been introduced to them by my friend who used their skill to stop his cheating wife. I addressed my issue to them and there I was attended to by being given a concoction. I went back home to find if things would have changed. That weekend she came and started small fights. She even refused to give me my conjugal rights and she really shouted at me that being in a marriage with a person who was not educated like her was disgusting. She could receive phone calls which she could be called sweet names like honey and beb which I would hear. The following day she left and went to school as usual. She did not even wave at me. She did not even want me to take her by my vehicle. I took the concoction and followed all the precautions Dr. Mugwenu had given me. At night, I received her phone call and she was really wailing that her legs could not walk and she remained at the point. When I reached where she was, she was actually having a guy in the room and they could not walk. It seemed they had really had some sex for on the table there were pregnancy prevention pills. I called Dr. Mugwenu who demanded a 40,000 shilling pay from the man who was chewing my wife. He adhered and paid the amount and later he was set free. My wife apologized and I forgave her. Since that day we have been living harmoniously with no sign of disloyalty. She later finished her degree course.

Dr. Mugwenu is a real spell caster; he solves love spells where you bring your lover back to you. He casts hex spells that act as barricades in your life. Not forgetting black magic spells which your enemies want to ruin your life at any particular time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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