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My wife ran away with our 2 children…. But came back after I followed this professional advice.

George Odongp



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KDRTV News-I met a beautiful lady in the university in 2014 and started to date at third year until we all completed college and started to tamark.

Between the two of us (me and wife), no one was lucky to get a job until when one day I decided seek for assistance from my friends who had already found employment earlier despite having schooled together in secondary and campus.

Jackson was my favorite and close friend with whom we schooled together at the secondary level. His name was the first to cross my mind when things started to fall apart for me. In fact we had not talked with him for a longer time since after our form four, as usual, each one had to take a different route. To him he was lucky to get a well-paying job in the city. He built his home and had a healthy family.  Everyone would envy him. I on the other hand, was still struggling to make ends meet. Life became too harsh and hard on me.

Travelling to Nairobi

I called him and asked if he would allow me travel to Nairobi to meet him so that he can help me secure any job to feed my suffering family. Luckily, he managed to find me one in a city hotel along Lenana road in Hurlingham. I worked there for only two month before sad news broke out that the hotel had been sold to a foreigner who may not be interested in our services. It came to pass and within that month we were all sent packing. I found myself without a job again. I saw hell on earth!

I tried to do alternative menial jobs in the city including Mjengo along Ngong Road but nothing was promising nor forthcoming. My health on the other hand started to deteriorate making it difficult to carry on with such blood draining jobs.

“In Nairobi without a job what the hell?!” I returned in the rural – call it the breaking point, my wife Nancy started giving up on me. She couldn’t believe that my life was going to change. In fact if I may remember, there was an instance she asked me, “How come you did a nice course in collage but it is not helping us. Was something wrong my dear? Are you cursed my love?”

I looked down in disbelief unable to open my mouth. Tears were flowing down my cheek for luring a beautiful Kalenjin lady to my home, only to leave her suffering – little did I know I was bringing her into troubles. I was guilt conscience.

Life became harsh

Though she was supportive, life was not that fair for a young couple like Nancy and I who still had some more youthful and bright future to enjoy. She started complaining everyday asking if I was sure of what I was doing with my life. I also felt for her but as a man I couldn’t let go.

I encouraged her that things would be okay very soon but having been promising her heaven for a longer time which never came, she appeared to treat all my stories with the contempt they deserve and even contemplated abandoning me what she finally did.

She packed and left.

The worst happened on a Monday when I returned home in the evening and found a small piece of paper on my dining table which I picked and read. “Erick my husband, I am going back to my parents because I feel I am stressing you in life. It is not easy for you to take care of my life and children when yourself cannot be able to feed yourself. I have a feeling that I may be the problem. I am actually feeling so bad for you and until God comes for our rescue, I am giving you time and my blessing to first get something to do. Don’t feel bad for now; at home my life will be safe; your children will be safe too don’t worry God willing we will reunite. No bad feelings my dear,” a note read in part.

At that point, I was devastated and broken down. Hours later, Jackson who was still scouting for me another city job called me through my mobile number and wondered why I was yet to get another job despite having good education.

He started to tell me secretes of his good life. He opened up and asked me if I was ready to try that route which I said ‘why not?”

Perfect Traditional doctor

He informed me that before he got a good life he had to first seek the assistance of Doctor Mugwenu whom he had heard about before; that he was able to turn around people’s lives through spell casting services.

Jackson simply gave me a number, encouraged me to call the traditional medical doctor and strike an appointment with him. When I called the number,  the true caller indicated the name Mugwenu Doctors who agreed to meet me. He gave me a Saturday appointment.

During our 1 hour meeting, he divulged that the main problem in my life was not accepting the fact that traditional doctors just like him can also deliver one from a jinxed life. He insisted that my luck was not forthcoming just because I had not accepted traditional ways of sorting out life matters.

“Your job, your wife and your children all will be back in three days. Believe in what I am telling you young man and it will come to pass,” said Dr. Mugwenu.

He carefully took me through the entire process in a much professional manner, administered to me a drug which I also carried some home to use in cleansing myself.

Surprisingly, after he had breathed the hope into my life again, I got a salesman job with one of the leading multinational companies, my wife was brought back by her parents alongside my two beautiful kids. Oooh! what a reliable Doctor.

Mugwenu (the medicine man) has also established himself as unchallenged guru in re-uniting divorced or separated lovers. He has medicine and spells that can also influence job promotions, spin court cases and cushion homes from any spiritual and physical harm.

Email Dr Mugwenu at [email protected].
Website – .
Telephone: +254740637248.

To book an appointment or for more information, call Dr. Mugwenu on +254 740 637 248 or visit


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