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My wife stopped loving me after our second child was born

George Odongp



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Every man after sexual intercourse with a loved one can tell whether he has done a good job or not. The fact that your spouse sleeps after sex or rather she begs for more of it usually speaks alot to a man, to them that is a sign of their good job in the bedroom sector. However this wasn’t the case for me after my wife gave birth to our second born child.


Since my wife was a woman of few words, I couldn’t get her to tell me whether I had grown so awfull in bed even though I tried to ask her countless times, she always deflectected from the topic. Every time we had sex she wasn’t mourning or rather screaming that would show me that I was actually doing something. I was left asking her questions like, “umetosheka kweli?” or ” was it good though?” but everytime she answered “mbona unajishuku”. I could not defend myself any further after her replied.


This matter really disturbed me for quite sometime and since my wife was not giving me any answers, I decided to ask one of my friend Samuel if he was experiencing the same problem as I was because he also had two children. Sadly his sex life was going well and he had no insecurities whatsoever. But then he immediatel offerred me a solution saying to me, “Bro you need to up your game before your woman goes out to look for a man who would make her scream”. He then added that I should go and see Doctor Mugwenu as soon as possible.


The following day, I decided to go and see Doctor Mugwenu at his workshop. I then explained to him about my embarrasing sexual life. He then told me not to worry about anything and took out some drugs then instructed me to ensure that I swallow it twice for two days that way all my troubles would go away. After that I went back home and did as I was instructed.


Two days later, my sex life finally came back on track. My wife finally reacted to our intercourse this time round. Her mourn was too loud that we were forced to turn up the volume to our radio to ensure that our neigubours were not listening. His drug truly worked.




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