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Pesa za bwanangu aliyefariki zimeibwa zote tafadhaki saidieni,  woman on street screamed loudly.

George Odongp




KDRTV News-“Nimekuwa nikitafuta pesa za bwanagu alieaga dunia mwaka wa 2016 na nimekuwa nikilazimika kusafiri Nairobi na kurudi koti hadi nyingine ndio leo nimefanikiwa kuitiwa hizo pesa takriban elfu mia nne na ishirini lakini chenye nimefanyiwa mimi sitaki kuishi tena,” A widow said while walking on the streets near Nation Center.

I stopped her and asked what was wrong. She answered while yelling and jumping up and down almost stripped naked.

“Wameniibia pesa za bawanagu elfu mia nne zote aliniachia aki mimi nilirogwa naenda kukufa sitaki mnisaidie naenda kukufa ….nisaidie wameniibia,” she shouted in the city center CBD.

I told her hakuna kitu kibaya kama kuibiwa pesa nyingi kama hizo wakati Kenya pesa imekuwa ngumu kupatikana.

After sometime, I managed to cool her temper and told her to move somewhere near a veranda where I bought her a soda and assured her that no money can get lost when Dr, Mugwenu still exists.

Money will be brought at home

She asked me “unasema nini?” and I repeated, “don’t worry all your money will be brought at your home… that is a very easy job. I will give you a number you can call today after you leave here and you will be surprised on the outcome”.

Though Wambui could not believe what I said as she still sobbed from inside and her heart pumping at a very high rate, I advised her to first go home, relax and call Mugwenu Doctors.

I also gave her my number and told her to inform me later on the developments after being helped by Mugwenu.

She called me with thanks

She called me two days later telling me she had travelled to Vihiga to meet Dr. Mugwenu who held a short friendly but professional discussion with her before unleashing the miracle that saw her catch up with the conwomen who had robbed her a whopping sh 420,000 money.

News broke out across the country on how two women who had robbed a resident at city center had come back yelling at the very spot they carried the heinous act.

One of the Daily Paper read carried the headline, “Two notorious city conladies stuck in the CBD for the second day yelling throughout,”

Looking at the photos in the paper, she confirmed that they were actually the ladies who had robbed her money.

Dr. Mugwenu had done his job perfect in a record two days and when they were taken by police to Central Police Station, the victim together with Doctor Mugwenu visited and said the two woman had robbed them sh 400,000. The conwomen were paraded and asked if they had done the crime which they both pleaded guilty

Police asked them where was the money and they removed the money from their ‘bras’ – all the money intact sh 420,000.

Wambui said before picking her cash, “Dr. Mugwenu is the right deal for anyone who has been robbed.

Email Dr Mugwenu at [email protected].
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Telephone: +254740637248.

To book an appointment or for more information, call Dr. Mugwenu on +254 740 637 248 or visit


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