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Rogue pastor on the loose with congregants

George Odongp



weird landlord

My name is Oscar and I have just realized that not everybody should be trusted especially in this day and age where everybody is just out there looking to make money for themselves and this include even religious leaders. I say this because an incident happened to me a week ago which left me flabbergasted.

My wife is an ardent church goer in a certain church where her pastor was a very close friend of hers. I, on the other hand, was not a regular church goer and when I actually went to church, I did not go to her church but to another one. My wife and I, nonetheless were very happy in marriage despite having different churches to go to.

There is something I did not like about her pastor; he was having a crush on my wife. I knew this because he was always asking her to go to his house so he could ‘pray for her’ sometimes, he could even come at home and say he wanted to pray for us. I found that very weird.

One day, I was watching a football match in my house and unfortunately, the lights went off. It was around 10.30pm. I decided to go watch the match in a nearby club since I was a supporter of Man-U and I had to see if they would get to score a goal in the match.

My wife was sleeping when I left so I just locked the door from the outside. Two hours later, the football show ended and I decided to go home. I was already joyous because Man-U had scored 2 against nil to their opponents. However, on approaching my door, I noticed lights were on in my house contrary to how I had left them two hours ago.

On reaching the door, I heard weird sounds coming from the sitting room. Sexual voices. My heart skipped a beat. Before opening further, I realized it was my wife having sex with a man I did not recognize.

“I have always wanted you, your taste so nice. Open your legs wider my dear lemme thrust you,” the man said.

I was wide-eyed for a moment. My wife was cheating on me in my own house! I quietly opened the door to see who she was cheating with and on peeping in the sitting room, guess who I found? My wife’s pastor, naked and on top of my wife fucking her like she was hers.

“Ouch, pastor, you have a very good machine, go harder in me because my husband barely even last five minutes. I am all yours pastor,” I heard my wife say.

I was super furious! It hurts to find another man ‘munching’ your wife and your wife telling him he does better. I wondered what kind of a pastor he was. I felt strong anger rise within me and I immediately pounced on them as soon as I stormed in the sitting room.

They were startled to see me because my wife thought I would be home three hours after I had left. I beat them and the pastor was saying that I should not beat him because he was an anointed man. Which anointed man disrespects marriage? I clobbered them and they quickly dressed up and left.

I was left broken and I literally cried loudly like a baby. I felt that pain shatter me into pieces. The next morning, my wife had not come home and I was scared the pastor would steal her from me. I remembered about Doctor Mugwenu whom I had heard about in Facebook when one man shared a testimonial of how another man stole his wife.

I called him on, and I narrated to him the whole ordeal and he asked me to meet him the next day. We met and he cast spells to the pastor where plagues would devour on him until my wife came back to me. Doctor Mugwenu’s spell casting powers work in less than 24 hours because the very next day, that pastor came to my house. He knelt and said he was sorry.

“Please forgive me for snatching your wife. My ‘machine’ has become extra big and painful. My body is full of wounds. Forgive me,” he said while crying. I told him to bring over my wife so that the spell could be reversed. My wife came home that afternoon and she also begged for forgiveness. I was so happy and currently my marriage is back to its feet.

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