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Shock as boda-boda rider is caught ‘chewing’ man’s wife

George Odongp



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A boda-boda rider’s scheme of ‘munching’ a business man’s wife was unearthed after he was busted right in the act.

The businessman had trusted the motorbike rider for a couple of months as he was sending him to his home to take some food stuff to his wife while he was in town managing his business. After taking the foodstuff to the man’s home, he would make advances to the wife and one day the woman gave in.

“I just love you; I hope I can make love to you whenever possible,” he enticed the woman.

She fell for it and they began having sex in the businessman’s matrimonial bed. Whenever he was entrusted to take some goods to the man’s wife, he would go and also eat the honey jar of the entrepreneur.

One day, the child of the woman saw the boda-boda rider leaving the bedroom and though he was nine years old, he knew the rider shouldn’t be in the bedroom with her mother. He waited in the evening to tell his dad about it.

“Papa, I saw, the piki-piki guy in the bedroom with mummy, is that good papa?” the young boy asked innocently.

The man was utterly shocked and since his wife was in the neighbour’s house, he decided to ask her about it when she came back. On a second thought he decided to investigate the matter first before confronting his wife.

The next day at work, he was so uneasy. He could not imagine that the motorbike rider he had trusted all these years was also riding his wife. He decided to put him to the test to see if he could find him in the act.

He bought some food stuff and as usual he called the boda-boda rider and asked him to take the goods to his wife at home. The rider was paid and he set off to take the stuff to the man’s home.

The businessman then thought of following the rider home. His friend found him closing the shop and asked him where he was going and he explained that he suspected his wife was sleeping with a boda-boda guy and he had gone to investigate whether it was true.

His friend then told him of doctor Mugwenu, a traditional herbalist who was able to net cheating partners. The businessman, albeit doubtfully took the number before he followed the rider home and called Doctor Mugwenu on +254740637248.

Doctor Mugwenu then advised the man to calm down since he would cast a spell and net the cheaters and find them in the act if they were actually cheating. The businessman then went home and at a distance, he saw a crowd at his home amidst the cry of wails. He was confused at what was going on.

To his surprise, the two cheaters, his wife and the boda boda rider were glued and could not separate while they were making love. He was so furious but since he did not want to create a scene, he moved closer to his wailing wife and the wife cried for forgiveness from him.

Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck the two lovers where the boda-boda guy was taught a lesson by the angry mob. The man decided to forgive his wife and they lived happily ever after.

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