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Man Beating Wife

In 2018 life was going on well.I had taken a loan of Ksh 2 million to build my mother a house in Bungoma and buy a small car to take me to work.I went to my bank and processed the loan without the knowledge of my wife. Few days later while I was in a pub watching football,my wife got a chance to stumble on the loan application form and the house plan I had bought from a construction company.

That evening I was made to answer 1000 questions on why I don’t make her happy and that I always concentrate on my mother.I explained that my mother is ageing, I must make her happy by replacing the mud house with a permanent one. On hearing that, she shouted, “that’s not possible,you have to build my mother a house too. Since we got married there is nothing you’ve done for our family,all the money you get goes to your family”

I sensed the money was causing problems, I said,”well,let me compete this project and plan to build your mother a house next year”.On hearing that,she started bringing issues of women, that she found photos of a woman in my phone and I didn’t explain who the woman was. She even complained that she had found me with our house girl in a compromising position in the house. Since I didn’t want more noise,I just went and sleep.

For two weeks she was always lamenting, but I went ahead with my plans. The following week I went and looked for fundi, I also went to a Bazaar where I Identified a Mazda Demio which I could buy. While I was doing that my wife planned to go to her mother’s home to visit them. I thought it was a normal visit and told her not to overstay.

Two days after she went,I had made all the arrangement and I now wanted to go to the village,but I realized I was losing my memory. It’s as if my brain was stand still, the only thing I was remembering was my wife. The first day wasn’t bad but I was restless and with less things to remember. I could plan to go to the toilet but on the way I forget and go to watch TV.I found myself laughing continuously, laughing was dominating my thoughts—I had a lot of excitement. The last thing I remembered was that I gave my wife all my ATM cards when she arrived at home from her village.

Due to my condition, I didn’t manage to go to work, It’s my wife who was working and I was always at home. But there’s something strange that happened instantly, I started fearing my wife and whenever I heard her voice,I shrank.

For 7 month I was at home and it’s my wife who was spending whatever I had saved in the bank,I wasn’t even aware of anything—it’s only my eyes,nose,mouth and ears were functioning—my brain was at stand still.

One morning my mother came to visit us,I saw her crying upon seeing me.The next thing I saw was a confrontation with my wife, but I didn’t know why.All of a sudden a vehicle was brought and I was taken to Bungoma,my wife was left in Nairobi.

It’s at Bungoma where I gained my senses after my mother later took me to Dr Mugwenu who is a traditional herbalist. When I was back to my normal condition, she explained what had happened. I heard for the first time, that my wife had gone to a mganga in Kathwenzeni so that she could spend the loan I had acquired. Indeed I went to my bank and realized out of the Ksh2.3 million I had in the bank,only Ksh103,201 was remaining.

Last month I divorced my wife and moved away from Nairobi.I thank God my mother was responsible enough to save my life.I also thank Dr Mugwenu for ensuring I regained my senses.

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