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Last year while scrolling through my wife’s phone, I stumbled upon a message written to her by an unknown man.

I’m not sure how it happened because I normally do not go through her phone. When I asked about the issue, she said she did not know the person. That maybe it was a Kamiti prisoner who was sending random messages. I took her answer as a fact.

A few days later, she received a call from the same number while we were eating. She pretended not to know the man again. This time around, I was furious. I noted the number and called the man.

This is how he responded:

“Wewe kama umeshindwa na bibi utapangwa. Mimi nakusaidia kazi, shida yako ni nini?!!!”

I immediately hanged up and had a serious quarrel with my wife. Knowing that she had now become public property, I wanted to teach both of them a lesson.

I was bitter and wanted to make sure I had disciplined the two. I wanted to do anything to see them cry.

There’s a number I took from one website, which belonged to a man who could make a cheating couple get stuck to each other.


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