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This is how I got scammed by two men and gave them my savings of KSh 90k

George Odongp



con men

I had heard cases of getting scammed and conned online and I had not really paid much attention to it. You never know if something is real unless it happens to you. But I actually got scammed and lost a large amount of money.

I had met this person in a Facebook group where he had advertised that he was selling a fridge worth KSh 70k and a cooker worth KSh 25k. I had actually been saving to buy the said items and I decided to inbox him so that we could agree on a favorable price.

We communicated where we agreed that I pay him KSh 90k instead of KSh 95k. We were to meet in a park in Nairobi where he was to bring me the items and I bring him the cash.

Three days later, I withdrew the cash and set off for Jeevanjee gardens to get the items. I had already cleaned up my house and created space for the fridge and cooker and I was really excited. On reaching the said park, he called me and asked me what I had worn so that he could identify me.

I told him how I looked like and a moment later, two men appeared and said hi and asked me if I was the woman who had come for the fridge and cooker. The two men talked to me really nicely and after making a few jokes here and there, they asked me for the money.

“Now, your fridge and cooker are in the van that we came with, so do you have the money so that he could go get them as I stay here with you,” one of the men said.

I told them yes and since they had created good rapport with me, I did not doubt them or sense anything fishy. As I gave one man the money, the other said he had gone to bring the household items to me.

As soon as I gave him the money, a woman appeared from behind and pretended to be asking me the direction to Afya Center and after I showed her, on looking beside me, the man had already disappeared.

I stood up to look for him or the woman who had asked me for direction and I did not see either of them since the park had many people. It immediately dawned on me that I had been conned by the two men and a woman and my KSh 90k gone like that.

I cried loudly in the park that people came to me to ask what the problem was. They were so sympathetic with me and they told me to report the matter to police. In as much as I knew police would help, I knew they would take forever since they had many more cases to handle.

I went home, poor than ever since those were my savings and they had gone just like that. That evening, I went to the same Facebook group that I had met that conman and lamented of how I had conned KSh 90k. Many said they were sorry for what had happened to me.

One woman however, slid into my inbox and told me how she had caught conmen who had scammed her Ksh 1 million in a land deal. She told me to visit Doctor Mugwenu so that the scammers would bring back my money.

She sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and I immediately called him. I narrated what had happened to me in the robbery and he told me to see him the next day. After meeting him, he cast spells of plagues and disturbances that would reach those scammers that they would look for me and give me my cash back.

In exactly 24 hours after the spell was cast, I started receiving calls from the scammers. They told me they were sorry and told me they were going through hell.

“We are very sorry madam, please reverse those spells. We are having wounds everywhere in our bodies and our manhoods are humongous and very painful. We will send you the money to your number but please forgive us, “he said.

I told them to give me an extra Ksh 50k for wasting my time. An hour later, KSh 140k was sent to my M-pesa. I was very happy that the thieves learnt their lesson.

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