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Uganda –Man found stuck inside the body of a woman during a night long escapade.

George Odongp



Man Stuck with woman

A man, whose identity was not revealed, got stuck inside the body of a woman during sex escapade in a Uganda Hotel.

The incident is reported to have happened at the Tripple Zero Guest House in Eastern Uganda which almost saw the man die from mob justice.

Sources further revealed to us that, the lady allegedly works in the same hotel where she was hooked up by the wealthy randy man who lured her suing money to one of the hotel room to have illegal sex.

A staff in the hotel in charge of room cleaning who went into the room to perform his duties on Monday morning discovered the two man and woman stuck together like Siemens twine.

“They were not speaking anything only gasping for air and covered in a black blanket. I couldn’t believe what I saw since this was the first time I had come across such an ugly incident after 20 years of working here,” she said.

She further recounted that after a closer look, she discovered that the lady was one of the hotel staff popularly known as Rodah Mkali.

According to Ugandan Blizz, the hsubnad to the randy wife had promised to net the two and embarrass them before the public so as to serve as a lesson for cheating spouses.

His friends disclosed how he had singled out a powerful traditional doctor from Kenya who goes by the name if Mugwenu. If you are cheating with someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend you don’t need to worry because Mugwenu Doctors concoction only works on couples who are legally married.

Cases of cheating lovers getting stuck have been rampant of late, couples who are being cheated on have resorted to witchcraft to bust their sweethearts

Cheating is almost as certain as death, people just have to cheat. And this is why witchcraft has become a very lucrative business nowadays.

Mugwenu Doctors are making a killing out of cheating couples; the 60 year old witchdoctor is responsible for making adulterous couples get stuck during sex.

Mugwenu Doctors (Traditional witchcraft originally from Tanzania) can make cheaters get stuck. They moved to Vihiga because that is where there business flourishes – they can also operate in other places if called upon.

We reached to the traditional man who told us that, “Before I give out that kamuti, the complainant must convince me that they are legally married to the cheating partner. I do not do mpango wa kando or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships because my kamti only works on married couples who are unfaithful, Once a complainant visits, he or she writes their full names and that of the cheating partner on a paper which is folded and placed inside the kamti. The moment I snap it shut, the hunt is on, and moment the unfaithful partner has sex with his or her mpango, they get stuck.

The most recent case where a cheating husband got stuck happened in Tanners Estate in Mbale.

A 56-year-old man was found stuck with his sister-in-law at a lodge. The man’s wife Margaret sought Mugwenu’s witchcraft to bust her philandering husband.

Anyone else can easily connect with Mugwenu Doctors on +254740637248 or visit and learn more about their wonderful works. Most of theior information can be found online.

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