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Umekuja kuoleka lakini ujue I cannot share my husband with a prostitute…siwezi malaya wewe!

George Odongp



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A woman by the name Violet or Vio from Kibra was bewitched by her co-wife immediately she was married and brought home.

The co-wife was so bitter to a point she vowed to teach her a lesson. She promised to do anything to make sure Violet is frustrated to the core.

“Umekuja ati umeoleka kwa boma hili lakini ujue mimi siwezi kugawana mme wangu na Malaya kama wewe,” she told Violet.

Unfortunately, as she was saying that, a shaking Violet was already heavy of her first child with the husband.

She was left hanging in pain not knowing what would happen to her after such harmful threats.

She decided to tell her husband who never took her serious until something worse happened.

It was in March this year when she felt sick and was rushed to nearby hospital, but on arrival, she was diagnosed and told she had a stillbirth.

She then lost the child and from that point, started falling sick frequently as her co-wife continued to issue constant threats.

Without sympathy the co-wife told her, “I will not allow this idiot to stay here. She must leave this home or die,” she threatened everyday.

Violet who constantly lived in fear then shared her woes with her family back home who felt so sad and confronted the husband for remaining silent in the wake of constant threats to their daughter.

They took her away home but before they left, they told the co-wife that it was okay what she had decided to do to their daughter.

They later shopped around and stumbled on a number which belonged to Mugwenu Doctors an accomplished African traditional doctor.

They called his number +254740637248 when Mugwenu told them to see him in his office for discussion.

The following week, late March 2019, they took a vehicle in Kahawa Sukari and went all through to Nairobi CBD where they met him. After 30 minutes of discussions, he requested to visit their home to finish his duty. He was armed with a jerrican filled with some concoction and a certain black skin.

When we arrived, he poured the concoction around the room and just outside the house, he then told Vio to drink some. The whole process looked like a joke. Mugwenu then left the scene and assured them something good will come out of the process.

After just two days, my friend! the co-wife was reported wailing and  wrthing in pain and confessing how she had inflicted pain to an innocent life, ”Woi nakufa jamani, my stomach”. Vio heard of it and told her on phone that, “Uliamua kuniuwa lakini bado nipo tu….unaendelea aje sasa ulijifnya bingwa unalialia nini utakufa uzikwe. Utalijua jiji”.

The co-wife arranged a meeting to persuade Vio’s family to help free her but it took Mugwenu another two days to set her free. She however had to first compensate Vio with sh 100,000.

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