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University student elopes with stepmom

George Odongp




My name is Karanja and after my first wife ran away with another man, she left behind our son whom I single-handedly raised before getting married to a much younger woman who was very sexy and also had one child but by this time, my son was already heading to university.

A month ago, my son came for his campus holidays and he joined my second wife in running our business. They would spend so much time together and I was happy that they had a mother-son relationship. I, on the hand had time to full concentrate in my job as a hotel manager.

However, I started noticing a change of behavior in the two. They would blush at each other and at one time, I saw my son winking at his step-mom. I thought I was probably overthinking until some days later when everything dawned on me.

I finished eating my supper and went straight to bed since I had an early meeting the following day. My wife told me she would join me in bed a little bit later after watching her favorite soap opera.  I then woke up suddenly from sleep at around 1am and checking beside me, my wife was not there. I jumped out of bed to look for her.

As I was on the hall way, I heard my son and wife making love in the sitting room and I almost collapsed on hearing what my son was telling my wife. I was so infuriated.

“I know my father can make love to you the way I do, we should continue having good sex like this when he is asleep,” my son told my wife and I was so that they were betraying me like that.

My first hunch was to walk in there and beat them like never before, but I remembered of Doctor Mugwenu whom I had heard about that he would teach cheating couples a lesson. I immediately googled for his number and called him. I ordered for a sticking spell to lock both of them together while having sex.

As soon as the spell was cast, they both started screaming in pain after getting stuck. I found the courage and walked into the room and they were so startled to see me. They were stuck at their genitals and they begged me to forgive them for betraying me.

I called Daktari and asked him to unstuck since they agonized for some hours. I still loved them both and since they had learned a lesson. I forgave them but my son moved out of our house.

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