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“Usipoachana na mambo ya vigari hautaonja tamu tena… mbwa hii,” she threatened so that to silence me after selling my car.

George Odongp




My name is Joab from Kisumu and I would wish to narrate to you a saddening emotional story of how my wife fought me both physically, mentally and emotionally to make sure she uses my money to become rich then kill me.

I am hardworking person, a perfect example of someone who rose from nothing to something in 90’s when I started a hawking business in Kisumu town before I made it big and transitioned into hardware businesses.

I got to marry when I was already rich and my wife couldn’t understand that I had worked hard for whatever we had as a family. She needed to take care of it as well so that we don’t go back to poverty.

She started misusing my wealth immediately after our colorful wedding we held in one of the major hotels in Kisumu town.

I had never wanted to share this story in the public but I have finally decided to let the world understand that not every woman can come into marriage for love. Infact many come for the love of money.

The name of my wife in Angeline, a beautiful Nyeri woman whose curvy body made me fight for my space in her life.

However, after our wedding and when she was sure that she was legally my wife, she started mishandling my property. The first thing she took away from my compound was our expensive family car. Her story is same to what we read in newspapers about Cohen murder.

I remember having returned home from my weeklong business tours only to find the car missing and when I asked, she downplayed everything wondering why I was concerned with the car. The way she handled my question was not encouraging at all.

When I asked after another day about where our Toyota fielder was, she told me, “Do you want your car or you want me. Choose between the two. I have been giving you this punami for long can you shut up,”

She wanted to divert my attention but after another day I repeated the same question and she told me if I was not going to stop asking about the car, she will not give me my conjugal rights.

“Usipoachana na mambo ya vigari hautaonja tamuuu tena… mbwa hii,” she threatened so that to silence me.

After just one month, I learnt that she had transferred the car to his brother at home without consulting me.

I confronted her but she told me off immediately when I also learnt she was in the process of transferring our newly acquired prime plot in Kitengela to her same brother. She was actually taking away almost anything I had acquired.

I noticed her fishy behavior and stopped her immediately when she ran to the courts to sue me for compensations. She actually wanted a share of my wealth from the divorce case she had filed.

The case has dragged for years. At some point, I realized that I was going to lose my estates to her, I ran fast to Dr. Mugwenu, a professional herbalist whose ability to save and protect family property is outstanding.

Mugwenu Doctors are the best traditional African herbalists from Tanzania but living around, and spiritual healers who not only deliver to their promises but even heal dreaded diseases.

Mugwenu used his skills to protect me from losing my wealth. He even gave me something which I have kept at my door step for protection.

I am glad the case came in Oct and as we speak, the case was dismissed on technical basis and she will not be getting anything from me since we have no child with her. Mugwenu is no joke!

For those who may not be aware or perhaps reading this for the first time, Mugwenu can help you anywhere you are. Distance doesn’t matter as long as you follow instructions. His solutions are real and come fast. Contact Mugwenu Doctors on: +254740637248 Or visit and learn more about their services. Kindly share this story to help all men suffering out there.


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