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“Wachana na huyo mjinga wewe huyo ni ng’ombe hajui kuhandle mwanamke,” My cousin’s wife said to me.

George Odongp




“Don’t ever touch my woman….Don’t ever do that! I have a feeling that you are doing something with my wife but I want to warn you to stop it. If you have ears you have heard and if you want to see you will see since you also have eyes.” My cousin warned me but did not take him serious.

I am a young man who just finished my university the other year and now waiting for a job but my cousin’s wife at home is very beautiful lady whom I can confess that I have been smashing her regularly.

Though she was the one who made the initial advances, I fell in her trap and became used to her to appoint that anytime I felt like I wanted sex, I called her in my house. She also sometimes invites me for an escapade in her own matrimonial bed. We have been doing this bad behavior for almost two years and I even tend to suspect one of their children is mine- the second born!

My cousin (her husband) however, who has a feeling that something wrong could be happening between me and the wife, warmed me but we still ignored him.

Wewe ni kama unatamani huyu mwnamke lakini ujuwe mimi ni simba mbaya nitamalizana na wewe. Stop immediately sababu nitafungwa sababu yako bure,” he texted me one night at round 10PM.

I told the wife next day but she told me, “wachana na huyo mjinga wewe kula vitu hiyo ni ng’ombe haijui kuhandle mwanamke,” she said.

I continued eating her every time we got a small chance. It happened regularly and with reckless abandon until one day we were found stuck together.

I can’t forget what happened to us because it was one of the worst and embarrassing experience that cost me my marriage.

It happened this way- we had just met with the inlaw in hotel room and started kissing. I stretched my hand to pull out her dress as she groaned in pleasure, “Aiiiii…Aiiiii…waaah”. She too forked out my manhood and thrashed it inside her fire.

It was another interesting Saturday escapade, when all over a sudden, we found ourselves unable to move or do anything, just stuck together and screaming.

We couldn’t talk but just yell out when a crowd milled around us in a very short time, also we saw someone with a basin splash water on us as he uttered few words. We finally separated.

My cousin, the owner of the woman, who was watching from a distance asked for a fine of sh 100K or we face another consequence. I paid and sworn never to sleep around again.

We later learnt, he had hired the services of a powerful traditional herbal man by the name Mugwenu who uses two types of kamti, one to ‘lock’ and the other to ‘unlock’.

Cheating is almost as certain as death, people just have to cheat. And this is why witchcraft has become a very lucrative business nowadays.

Mugwenu Doctors are making a killing out of cheating couples; the 60 year old witchdoctor is responsible for making adulterous couples get stuck during sex.

For consultation call: +254 740637248 Read more:

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