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Felt sad courtesy

Carren met her husband Wayne way back in 2008 at a job interview they attended. The two of them exchanged numbers to update each other on any developments about the job. Sadly , t

both of them were not selected for the job but their conversation did not end there. The two kept on talking until they ended up in a relationship. After several years, they finally tied the knot to each other.


The two moved to a single room and later bore 5 children.Life became so unbearable to them because Carren had no job and the husband was working at a ‘mjengo’ site which was not bringing enough money to the table. They pulled their children from school for a while because of lack of fees.


“My husband and I couldn’t afford a bed and an extra mattress for our children and so we were forced to sleep on the same mattress,” said Carren.

During their days of knowing trouble through their struggle, Carren’s mother however did not abandom them. She brought them food stuffs from the village and assisted them with little money to survive with during their hard times.


One day , their tables turned when Wayne met a friend who told him about Doctor Mugwenu’s capable spell casting powers. The friend gave him the doctor’s location and advised him to ensure that he makes a call to Doctor Mugwenu on +254740637248 or email him through [email protected]


At first, Wayne had a few doubts on his mind about seeing Doctor Mugwenu. But then, he one day decided to call him after being so tired of seeing his family struggle so much. Doctor Mugwenu set him up with an appointment and he rushed the following day to see him so as to put an end to the hell his family was going through.


While at Doctor Mugwenu’s workshop, Wayne was given a few instructions to follow just so he could end his struggling days. The Doctor gave him two rings and told him to ensure that he gives one to his wife . The two were to wear the rings at the same time and sleep through the rest of the day with the ring on their fingers. So he went back home and did as he was instructed.


Two weeks later, the two miraculously landed well paying jobs. In a months time, they moved to a much more bigger apartment where each of them had their own room and space. Carren and Wayne now own several cars and even built their mother a nice house.


Doctor Mugwenu says that his spell casting powers works within 24 hours. He handles general problems like helping one get rich, protection of a family’s property like land, enhances failing businesses,wining court cases, saving marriages, stops cheating in relationships.


His expertise in mixting herbs helps in healing diseases such as typhoid, syphyllis, gonorrhoea, epilepsy among many others.


He also genuinely cast away evil spirits, get rid of bad scary dreams, breaking voodoo spells.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

For more information and enquries you can reach him through:


Email:[email protected]

Or visit his website:http//





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