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Weird text messages my wife sent to her mpango

George Odongp




KDRTV-My name is Daniel and I recently caught my wife sleeping with another man. That situation tore my life apart because it does too much harm to your ego when you find someone on your wife, doing what you should be doing to her.

My wife had been extremely cold to me for like a month. She was not talking to me and if she did, she was being very rude. Worse, she stopped having sex with me. I became so sex-starved and my efforts to ask her why she was being mean to me did not do any good because she was adding more insults to the injury

“Leave me alone wewe mwanaume. Lazima tufanye sex kila siku. Aai mimi sasa unaniboo na nitakuacha,” my wife said when I asked her what was wrong.

So, I stopped asking and thought that she was maybe having mood swings. However, something happened that proved to me that she was not having moods but another man. As I was in the bedroom, I heard her phone ring and she picked it and told the person who called that she had missed him a lot and she wanted to see him on that day.

“Hi darling, I miss you so much. How about we meet today at our usual hotel and have our crazy sex today,” she said.

The music was on and though she thought I could not hear; I completely heard the conversation. My heart stopped beating for a moment as I absorbed the shock that my wife was cheating on me with some stranger I did not know.

I sat on the bed and wondered what to do. Strength leaves your body in some situation and you are left hopeless. That was me. She then took a shower and she left. I did not say a word to her since I was still in shock.

I called my mother and told her of what I had heard and she told me to see Doctor Mugwenu who was a traditional herbalist.

“My son, the only way to catch a cheating partner is by visiting Doctor Mugwenu who will stick them up when they are having sex and that will teach them a lesson.

She sent his number and I called him and told him of my problems where he assured me, he would help me. I booked an appointment later that day.

On meeting him, he performed a love spell of sticking my wife and her lover together which would be a painful experience and would teach them a lesson. He further told me that his spells worked in less than 24 hours.

I went home, waiting to catch my wife red-handed with her lover. An hour later, a friend of mine who worked in a nearby lodging called me. He told me to rush to the lodging since my wife was stuck to another man whom she was having sex with.

I quickly went to the lodging which was about a Kilometer from our apartments. True to what my friend had told me, my wife was stuck to another man. I found them in one of the rooms in the lodging where they were naked, stuck under each other and crying in pain. I did not recognize that man but I late came to learn she was my wife’s client.

When she saw me among the crowd that was spectating them, she started calling out to me asking me to forgive her. I somewhat felt pity for her but that was the dose for betraying me.

They were later unstuck and she came right to me and asked me to forgive her for everything. I still loved her and so I decided to give her another chance.

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