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What kind of a man is this, this is a beast

sad really sad
sad really sad

We happily lived together with Fred and we were blessed with two kids in a marriage that ad lasted for 14 years. Our children were all girls. As time went by my husband showed more love to the last born who was 5 years old. Our firstborn really complained about this. As most times Fred would go for a weekend picnic in absence of the firstborn daughter. She really complained and each moment they would go for a picnic should be left by their bedroom crying.

Sat some point she even asked me if Fred her dad was her true biological father. I tried asking Fred to change the behavior but instead, he said since we had two kids there was no problem with him loving one and I was to love the other. He even condemned me for inciting the other kid of continuous questions to him. As time went by our 5-year-old daughter forgot about me. Each place she went playing she would inform her friends that she had only one parent who was responsible and loving her. This really heartbroken me since as a parent a knew she was truly my daughter with no doubt.

This brought wrangles in our family. As hatred developed between me and my little daughter. She would even rush and serve her dad a task that I was the one to perform. The good thing was that the two sisters talked to each other but not that much despite their differences. It was thought that I loved the elder daughter while my husband loved the younger daughter. We tried severally to seek counseling from an officer of the same but all was in vain. Things fell apart even more. My younger daughter would not even eat in her dad’s absence.

At school when she wrote compositions of her parents she did not mention me at any place. I really wondered what I did wrong to this little princess. With time I hoped her attitude would change. My elder daughter began hating her dad in a way of sending out the revenge. This worried me a lot because as parents we were the ones required to unite the family. Instead, my husband just assumed things and when I asked him he would even threaten to slap me or chase me away from his life, so I did not bother that much. One day as I came from home I found our little daughter wailing in their room. Her elder daughter had gone to play outside the house since no one had an interest in her. My husband was sited next to her and when I approached really she was in agony.

Fred pretended to give first aid but what really shocked me was blood on our bedsheets. The girl had already been defiled and who was really the person behind that?  I did not think much and told Fred what really he had lacked on me for him to defile such a minor. I really cried in pain and even thought of calling the police. I rushed by our car parking area and siphoned like half a little of petrol and went back again to the house. Fred was not there he was running away but luckily got stuck by the fence. I poured petrol on his belly and stroked a match stick.

He wailed in vain but later was rescued by the people who really were road passers. I took my ailing daughter to the hospital and truly the tests revealed that she had been defiled several times. After sometimes my daughter was discharged from the hospital and dared to kill her dad when she grew old. My husband’s condition was wanting as he had 60% burns. We tried several hospitals but all was not working when her brother suggested that Mugwenu Doctors treated such within just three days. We hired a vehicle to Mugwenu Doctors’ offices where he was attended to. A day after we returned home, he began talking and now the burns had disappeared after he applied the oil I was given by Mugwenu doctors. He later apologized due to his deeds. We lived happily as a family again. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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