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White Magic

It seeks to spread goodness and positivity around to ensure peace and wellness. Unlike black magic which is especially meant to cause harm to people, white magic talks of doing good. This magic is cast when someone needs help in life.

We all know hard work is important to attain success. But alongside, you will need positive energy around you to clear out the bad air and take yourself towards your great goal. However, not always we are fortunate enough to have positive goodness around us. It is in such instances, white magic comes as a lifesaver.
White magic covers a versatile range of spells. The most popular of them are love spells, attraction spells, cure spells, friendship spells, diet spells, dream spells, peace spells and many more.
One common white magic spell is the one that helps you to attract your crush in your life. If you are deeply in love with somebody but he shows no interest- this spell would boost up the positive flow of energy around you so that the cupid strikes his arrow and he falls for you. To do the spell, you would need, one red candle, one pink candle, matchbox, pencil, parchment paper and toothpick.
Inscribe your name on red candle and that of your crush’s on the pink one. Then, light up both the candles with wooden matchsticks. Now, concentrate on the flames and think of your love. Imagine him falling in love with you. Visualize how romantic and lovely it would be to have him by your side. You have to continue with the visualization for half an hour.
Then, you will draw three hearts on parchment paper with pencil. Take up the red candle and pour its wax on it. Visualize romantic moments with your crush as you do that. Then do the same with pink candle. Blow off both the candles once the hearts are completely covered with wax.

You have to continue the same ritual for 7 days. On the 7th day, you will allow the candles to burn out on their own. Make sure to hide parchment paper somewhere safe.
White magic spell is also used to ward off an evil curse. If you think somebody has hurled a bad curse on you, you can perform white magic to negate the curse. As white magic brings in positivity, it is helpful to eliminate hex or negativity around us.
However, you have to be very mindful about the time and rituals and also the chants while casting white magic spell. Some of the spells are safe but some of the white magic spells can be dangerous if not done properly. Thus, always check the ingredients of the spell and also their proportions to ensure a successful ritual.

In regards to the difficulty level, well, there are some really simple spells for all kinds of white magic spells. If you are an amateur, start with the simple ones before proceeding to the complex ones.

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