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“Woii nakufa jamani, my stomach is RUNNING since yesterday,” he cried aloud and looking at his stomach, it was actually swollen.

George Odongp



running tummy

I am a man who lost all my valuables after my Ngong house was broken into by people who were send to frustrate me so that I could give in and move away from my newly acquired plot.

When they finally broke into the house in which I was lucky not to have been around that time, they did the heinous act, they ran away with several laptops and other expensive electronics which Iwanted to use set up a cyber cafe.

Distressed, I called a friend who lives in Nyeri and shared with him, my story before he advised me on what to do. First, when he asked me to seek a witchdoctor’s services, I thought he was joking until he showed me evidences of people who had found their stolen properties after being helped by the herbal man.

I finally gave it a try. I called this number +254740637248 and told him I was referred by Karish. Luckily, he told me to see him in his office for discussion.

The following week, Nov 2019, I took a vehicle in Ngong and went all through to Nairobi CBD where I met him. After around 25 minutes of discussion, he requested to visit my home. With him was a small jerrican with some concoction and a certain skin. I didnt really mind since what I wanted was my electronics.

When we arrived, he poured the concoction around the room and just outside, he then told me to drink some. The whole process looked like a joke. Mugwenu then left the scene and assured me something good will come out of it.

After just two days, my friend Hoselo knocked on my door. As usual when he comes, he is usually jovial but this time he appeared frail and disturbed. “Woi nakufa jamani,my stomach is running since yesterday,” he cried aloud. Looking at his stomach, it was swollen. I immediately sternly shouted, “Hoselo, kama uliiba vitu zangu,rudisha haraka ama uzikwe kabla ya siku yako kufika. Mimi huwa sichezi (If you stole anything from, me return now or suffer consequences)”.

He brought all they had stolen and added me sh 200K on top before I told Mugwenu about it who then offered to unlock him. Mugwenu’s solutions are real and come fast. Contact Mugwenu Doctors on: +254740637248 or visit and learn more about their services. Kindly share this story to help all men suffering out there. Share with as many people as possible!

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