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“Wooiiii huyu mtu …anaturaruwa nguo,” and when the crowd ran there they found the man sexually harassing little girls.

George Odongp




My brother in law had become nuisance in our compound sleeping with every young child passing around. He had become so shameless person who would pick on every young daughter in our family and make love with her.

Though this behavior had been suspected, no one had evidence enough to nail him. We had to wait for an appropriate time to come.

Ofcourse, there is a day we confronted him after we suspected he had an affair with a school girl in the village but he escaped through. He used juju to protect him. At that time there was an uproar across the village but as usual shortlived!

But as the wise saying goes, ‘every thief has his fortieth day,’ it came and he was caught after we involved a traditional Doctor who laid a smooth trap that would finally see him caught pants down.

As a family we decided to make use of a traditional herbalist who would help us catch up with this wayward man who has been using jujus to sleep with our daughters and wives.

And to counter his tricks, we had to think of how we could get services of experienced Mugwenu Doctors from Vihiga Kenya who helped lay a successful trap to catch him.

I remember it was on a Sunday when this man left home in his car saying he was going to a church conference. We believed and let him go. We actually learnt that the conference was taking place in Machakos for week.

Just after three days, we heard reports that a man had been caught messing around with young church girls who had gone to the conference. First, we never thought he was the one but after photos circulated on social media, we saw and confirmed he was the one.

Sources told us that he they heard some young girls scream in a room, “Wooiiii huyu mtu …anaturaruwa nguo,” and when they ran there they found him sexually harassing them.

At that point, all of us at home knew Mugwenu had finally done his job well. The man was caught and arrested by Machakos police.

Mugwenu is such a perfect traditional witchdoctor who has a long history of success especially on matters, love, cheating etc.

We are happy that finally the man who has been giving us sleepless night causing insecurity in our Village is now rotting in jail.

I can assure you that you can get the help you need wherever you are even through distance healing. Mugwenu Doctors say one of their greatest attributes is distance healing: They will work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. You must be in a quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your body must connect with the healing elements.

Should you find that things are not working as you want them to, just connect with Mugwenu Doctors. Call – +254740637248. Website – Email: [email protected]



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