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You can’t believe how I traced a driver who knocked down my university daughter.

George Odongp




KDRTV- My Kenyatta campus daughter who was involved in a car accident while crossing Thika Super Highway at Kahawa Sukari area has finally been helped get her justice by Dr. Mugwenu.

In 2017 my daughter Silvia was crossing Thika Highway  from home to attend her classes at Kenyatta University when a speeding car hit her on the side breaking her left leg and arm.

I received a devastating call from a good Samaritan who had picked my bleeding daughter to hospital.

My heart was pumping since I was not in position to finance my way to Nairobi from Western Kenya where I live.

“Helo Mzee uko wapi, unaihitajika katika Hospitali ya Kenyatta haraka sana umesikia,” the voice shouted.

Nilimjibu: “nini mbaya tafadhali…,” before he hanged and left me high and dry.

Called my sister’s support

I immediately called my sister Anne who happens to live in Githunguri Kiambu and asked her to make her way to the scene.

Interestingly, she was also driving along Thika Super Highway and acknowledged that she had seen people attending to an accident victim at Kahawa area but she didn’t know who was involved.

When she reached at Kenyatta Hospital, she called me in a huff, “Hello your daughter Silvia is sick she seemingly was knocked down by a speeding car,” she told me as my heart remained ‘pumping at abnormal rate.

Anne then sent me some fare to Nairobi where I reached the following day and joined them in hospital.

Daughter was actually injured and bleeding

My daughter had been seriously injured in a hit and run crush by a car and no one knew the number plate nor the car owner.

We continued to treat the daughter who stayed in the facility for almost three month before she left limping.

We later managed to hook up with a lawyer who helped file compensation case but told us it cannot be successful without the owner and number plate of the car.

An idea rung my mind on how a certain traditional doctor was able to help my neighbor who had also gone through the same ordeal.

I quickly checked through my phone book, rung the neighbor and asked him how he was able to locate the suspect who had knocked her son dead a month ago.

He told me that was a very easy exercise and gave me this contacts of a traditional Doctor Mugwenu +254740637248 who can help find any person who has aggrieved you and left unnoticed.

I reached to Mugwenu Doctors who told me to visit them and in a record two days, a car involved in the accident had been found and impounded by police alongside the owner who resides in Kiambu.

I am always skeptical about things to do with witchdoctors and traditional herbalists, but this time I was desperate and I just had to try it for the first time and it worked miracles, Email: [email protected] and his professional website for more information is


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