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Azimio Diaspora Support Demonstration and Dismiss Statement by UDA and term it Juvenile and rudderless

Azimio Diaspora
Azimio Diaspora

KDRTV News Minneapolis-Azimio Diaspora Minnesota  and Texas Chapter Press release on Kenya’s Maandamano Tomorrow

Fellow Kenyans in the diaspora and our brothers and sisters back home, we sincerely thank you for playing your part to let freedom reign in our motherland in the midst of everyday billowing and choking smoke from the teargas you’ve had to endure.

You have stood your ground just like you did during elections when you made your voice heard, only to be stolen and handed over to cartels and tenderpreneurs.

Once again, you’re being called tomorrow to rise up and exercise your inalienable constitutional right of demonstrating peacefully as you have always done before to take back our country. As Azimio Minnesota Chapter and by extension the entire diaspora we wholly stand with you both in body and spirit. Brothers and Sisters, many Kenyans have shed their blood for a democratic, fair, and just Kenya that listens to its citizenry. We must honor them now and tomorrow is not the time to turn back!!!


Our attention has been drawn to busybodies who have been traveling to Kenya and issuing press statements accompanied by the Kenya Kwanza Secretariat purporting to speak on behalf of the diaspora.

In particular, we were abhorred by statements made by one Mr. Sam Ireri who is a resident of Minnesota to the effect that he will mobilize the entire diaspora to call for the sanctioning of Azimio leaders by the international community.

Mr Ireri’s threats are pedestrian, rudderless, and juvenile in nature and we dare him to try his overtures because he is a nobody even in the international community circles and dare him to try this juvenile approach and will be met with the real technocrats who understand international diplomacy in all spheres known to fight for justice and transparency.


Instead, we demand that Mr. Ireri apologize immediately and as part of his apology while in Kenya actively engage in collecting the evidence of Kenyans who have been killed and maimed by the Kenya Kwanza brigade for arraignment at the ICC. We also would like to notify the Kenyan public, that the only diaspora in existence at the moment, is one that’s entirely behind the peaceful demonstrators tomorrow.


Let it be known that Mr. Sam Ireri’s UDA Minnesota rag-tag association doesn’t even have 30 members in total and is riddled with power struggles, and he doesn’t even have the legitimacy to lead it. His own members have called him a self-seeker and imposter who is looking for a job in Ruto’s government. They have disowned him and are wondering with whose authority did he get an appointment to see both the President and the Deputy and purport to speak for Diaspora.


It’s evident from the last general election of 2022 that almost 70% of the total vote from the Diaspora voted for the Azimio principal while a paltry 30% voted for Mr. Ruto what does that imply in simple logic? 


The majority of the Diaspora is behind H.E Raila Amollo Odinga’s passionate appeal for a government that serves all Kenyans irrespective of their ethnic or religious affiliation.


 It’s evident that the Kenya Kwanza government has sensed diaspora backlash thus desperate to give an audience to anyone traveling from abroad, just to make them look international. It’s also an abomination, that someone who lives and thrives in the diaspora enjoying the trappings of democratic ideals and freedoms therein, can actually travel home and agitate for strangulation of the same.

We join hands in delivering the proverbial message to President Ruto, “The writing is on the wall.” 


As such, brothers and sisters in Kenya, we join you as “We the People” in demanding that in the next three days starting tomorrow Wednesday, the Kenya Kwanza Government affirms the following;

  1. That, our individual freedoms as enshrined in our constitution include, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, demonstration, picket, petition, and the right to a fair trial are adhered to, protected, and guaranteed as the peaceful demonstrations commence tomorrow.


  1. That, the right to peaceful demonstrations countrywide tomorrow is inalienable and non-negotiable!!


  1. That, the Kenya police and other emergency medical personnel be available from tomorrow to offer security and assistance including but not limited to drinking water and not teargas to the demonstrators for the three days declared. 


  1. That, the Kenya Kwanza Brigade realizes before it’s too late that tomorrow is not about Baba but the 99% of Kenyans overburdened with the high cost of living, over-taxation, state-sanctioned corruption wondering if tomorrow will ever come. 


  1. That, muzzling of the fourth estate is not an option, thus the media should be left to independently cover the demonstrations as from tomorrow without intimidation or harassment.


  1. That, tomorrow’s demonstrations and those before are not about a certain tribe or tribes but we the people.


  1. That, using social media to spread fear of attacks and retaliation to dissuade demonstrators will not deter us tomorrow instead will embolden us.


  1. That, the police and or any government officials should assist demonstrators with pens and any other necessary materials need to append their signatures to take back their delegated power.


  1. That, the security and safety of the Azimio leaders who have been threatened should be of utmost priority, failure to which the one million match will also not guarantee your security.


  1. That is not too late for President Ruto to realize that he’s surrounded himself by people who only tell him what he wants to hear.


In a nutshell, comrades!! Let us liberate our country!! Let us reclaim our freedoms tomorrow!!


Azimio Minnesota and Texas Chapter Teams

Dr. John Makori- Chairman Minnesota

Mr. Bob Nyangweso- Organizing Secretary Texas

Chairman and approved by the Azimio Executive Diaspora


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