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Caro Light Among Other 6 Prohibited Skin Products Seized in Nakuru




Caro Light Among Other 6 Prohibited Skin Products Seized in Nakuru. PHOTO CITIZEN

Caro Light and other six skin lightening products that had been prohibited from Kenyan markets have been seized in Nakuru.

The six products include Movate cream, Epiderm cream, Coco Pulp, Maxi and Dermaclair

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“These creams among others, have been found to contain Hydroquinone, Mercury, Steroids or Hydrogen peroxide. The mentioned compounds are prohibited for use in cosmetics,” the Kenya Bureau of Standards said on Friday.

“It is our intention to rid the market of products that do not meet required standards,” the agency said.

According to a statement published on the KEBS website, all skincare lotions, creams, gels, soaps that contain hydroquinone, steroids and hormonal preparations should be approved by Pharmacy and Poisons Board of the Ministry of Health for medical use.

The six skin products that are registered with Pharmacy and Poisons Board for medicinal purposes on skin conditions include Mediven, Diprosone, Nerisone, Hydrocortisone, Betnovate and Oxy 5/10

“These products should only be used on the recommendation of a medical doctor and for such period of time as the doctor may prescribe. They should not be sold in the open market but only in registered pharmacies and chemists,” KEBS says.

There are many African countries such as Rwanda and Ghana who have banned the use of bleaching products.

There are many safe skin products available, the availability of mercury and high-dose steroids have raised alarm on the products.


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