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China Unhappy After India Stopped Using ‘Faulty’ Chinese Rapid Test Kits




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(KDRTV)-China has slammed the move by India to suspend the use of the Chinese rapid testing kits for COVID-19 on the basis that they show inconsistent results

The Chinese embassy in India has termed the move by India as unfair and irresponsible

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Reportedly, the Indian government medical research agency that is concerned with the coronavirus outbreak has hinted the return of the test kits to the two Chinese firms from where they were procured and directed the Health officials across the country to stop using the kits since they give “wide variations” in their performance

India had procured half a million antibody test kits earlier this month to enhance the battle against the deadly coronavirus

The kits are meant to detect the antibodies in the people who have already contracted the virus and were to play a role of surveillance in areas considered hotspots

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) tested that kits which are to provide results after 30 minutes after some estates complained that the kits have extremely low accuracy.

According to reports from India, the states reported that the kits were used in a patient who had contracted the virus but the kits show a negative result

“The results have shown wide variation in their sensitivity,” the ICMR said on Monday.

However, the Chinese embassy to India responded by saying that the sentiments by Indian authorities were unfair and irresponsible.

“It is unfair and irresponsible for certain individuals to label Chinese products as ‘faulty’ and look at issues with pre-emptive prejudice.”

China who has become the major manufacturer and exporter of medical equipment and protective ears used to battle coronavirus has received several complaints about the quality of their products with many countries saying that they are sub-standard

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So far, India has confirmed 29, 451 positive cases of coronavirus with 939 fatalities



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