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Death in Jail.

Family Claim Foul Play in son’s Death while in Jail.

Mercy Odhiambo



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A family in Nairobi is left devastated by the death of their 27 year old son after he had been arrested, jailed and found dead.

Mark Nyamweya had been arrested on Tuesday last week and was arraigned in court for the offence of disorderly and drunk amongst 5 other people.

He was later fined Ksh. 200 after being found guilty with an alternative of seven days in custody. It is then that he was taken to Industrial Area prison where he died under unclear circumstances.

The family has raised several questions concerning their relative’s death, such as the reasons why only six of them were arraigned yet there were 42 that had been arrested.

Ideally, the family questions the motive behind his arrest as there was no news passed to the family regarding his arrest until his death.

However, the police came clean on the matter insisting that Nyamweya was feeling bad and had complained of stomach problems, while vomiting and passing diarrhea.

They therefore link his cause of death as health related as he was given drugs and water after writhing in and complaining in pain.

Nyamweya died after taking the morning porridge and his mates claim that the drugs administered played a role in his death.

The family is left in pain and tears as they described the deceased as a cooperative and organized person who could not have been caught in the disorderly offense leading to his arrest.

They are calling for justice and investigations as to what led to the death of their son.

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