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Ekuru Aukot Heckled, Chased Away From West Pokot County Assembly

Simba Watkins




Third Way Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot has begun facing the wrath of disgruntled Kenyans over is Punguza Mizigo push. The West Pokot County Assembly laid their wrath on  Aukot who had gone to debate his bill and convince the MCAs to pass it. Chaos erupted when Aukot and  his team tried to tell the MCAs present how the bill will ensure sufficient representation as well as reduce the country’s ballooning wage and billions which are going to waste on elective seats with no importance.

”Why scrap off nominations? Ekuru should focus on fighting corruption rather than fighting the Constitution,”  said Nominated MCA Eunice Andiema. She took issue with Aukot’s proposal that all the nominated seats should be scrapped off because they have no significance to the electorate.

Aukot also met hostility when he tried addressing residents of West Pokot.

Other MCAs chided Aukot for ignoring marginalized areas in his proposals, saying the bill does not take into account areas that need special attention from the government.

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“We have been marginalized for years.  Yet Aukot wants us to be more marginalized.  Marginalized counties will be affected if it goes through. We oppose it 100 percent,” Batei MCA Solomon Angelei said.

Despite the presence of a court order barring Aukot from presenting or discussing the Punguza Bill in all the 47 counties, the Third Way Alliance leader went ahead to present his bill in West Pokot something which was also behind the heckling.

“It was an informal meeting. He only addressed few MCAs. Once he gets clearance from the courts that is when we will give him an ear,” said the county’s speaker Catherine Mukenyang.

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