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EXPOSED: Ekuru Aukot Is Just A Lapdog, William Ruto Is Financing The Punguza Mizigo Initiative

Simba Watkins



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Events of the past week have exposed something that has all along been suspected to be happening. Deputy President William Ruto is the main financier of the Punguza Mizigo Initiative. He is using Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot to advance his agenda of making sure the BBI team does not have their way.The DP feels if BBI Team has its way, his road to the presidency is a mere pipe dream and a doomed voyage. Therefore, the only way to keep his presidential hopes burning is through sponsoring the Punguza Mizigo Bill.

Over the past week, a number of DP Ruto’s key allies and associates have voiced their unequivocal support of Dr Aukot’s bill even lobbying for the Ruto leaning counties to pass the bill. For instance, in the County of Elgeiyo Marakwet, Majority Leader in the Senate, Kipchumba Murkomen is already rallying the MCAs to pass the initiative terming it a solution to the country’s problems. Murkomen, a key ally of the DP is on record a number of times lobbying for the Punguza Mizigo Bill even though he is part of the government and as such should throw his weight behind the BBI.

DP William Ruto is taking the same route he did in 2010 when he led the NO team against the push for a new 2010 constitution, something that left him thoroughly bruised, having gone against the tide at that time. Already, Ruto is positioning his soldiers to take on Uhuru and Raila front, something that could politically annihilate him.

“We don’t fear a referendum at all. Let them bring it on. At the end of the day, we will respect the decision of the majority of Kenyans. Let us meet at the ballot,” said Soy MP Caleb Kositany.

“Nobody fears a referendum at all. What we are opposed to is a referendum that seeks to enable a few people to get power. We already know, for example, who wants to be Prime Minister and the two deputies,” added another Ruto ally, Kandara MP Alice Wahome.

Whereas Ruto’s MPs are the public face of Punguza Mizigo, Dr Aukot is secretly sneaking through the back of all these politics to present his bill to County Assemblies deemed to be friendly do the DP.

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