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I Support The BBI Task force, DP William Ruto Tells Off The Media For Misquoting Him

Simba Watkins




The Deputy President William Ruto has said he supports the BBI and its activities contrary to reports by some section of the media. One of the media houses quoted the DP as saying the BBI is a waste of taxpayers money which the government cannot carry on its back. The story quoted Ruto as saying the referendum and attempts to ammend the constitution are time wasting initiatives which should not be given any priorities.

” The government does not have funds to put the country to a referendum. They are disturbing us with these politics calling for changes to the Constitution. Let us desist from such politics and focus on development,” said the DP in Meru.

However,  on Sunday  morning DP William Ruto took to twitter to call out the media for quoting him verbatim over his utterances yesterday. In a tweet, Ruto said The Standard Group is trying to further its own agenda by misquoting him and planting false stories to mislead the public.

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“The headline of this article by the Standard Newspaper is misleading and sensationalist. It is clearly meant to cause disaffection and push a narrative that only the Standard knows. It is imperative that media should be guided by accuracy, truth and fair reporting,” Ruto tweeted on Sunday.

He took issue with the headline claiming he does not support the BBI and his statement could be interpreted to mean he has thrown his weight behind the entire process, without having to publicly declare support.

Politicians allied to the DP have in a number of public functions condemned the BBI as trying to ammend the constitution in order to create positions for few individuals. Instead, Tanga Tanga has grown a soft spot for Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo Bill, which they say is what Kenyans need.

The greatest fear in Ruto’s camp is once the BBI proposals are passed, they are likely to complicate the 2022 equation for him.

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